Sunday Writing Prompt –9th August – Choosing your Context

Following on from last week’s theme of context, Michael has given us this to work with this week:

From the statement below choose the word from the three given to create a story within its context. Compose your response in prose or poetic form.

He noted the situation had become grim/concerning/chucklesome.

He noted the situation had become chucklesome, but the worst thing he could do was laugh.
Kids have a habit of doing that, they do something wrong, or something right with the wrong results and it’s funny…………… to adults. The trouble is, you have to tell them off keeping a straight face.
Swearing was usually the normal, and you can ignore the F word as a rule, but when it comes out of the mouth of a five year old, well that’s a different kettle of fish. It doesn’t help when they are brought up in a household where the F word is commonplace as it was next door.

Roddy was 9 and had just got his first bike.  He’d lovingly cleaned off the paintwork and was now working on the chrome trimmings. None of the plastic stuff, no-siree, he was polishing up the chrome to within an inch of its life, and the buffers he was using to do it were his Mum’s tampons.
She admitted that she had forgotten to put the box away as she’d been in a hurry, so it wasn’t as if Roddy had gone searching where he shouldn’t. Also she probably wouldn’t have minded one or two, but he’d used almost the entire box and the dirty ones were in a discarded pile in the middle of the floor when she came home……. with her boss directly behind her.

Being male, he took an interest in Roddy’s bike and asked him what he was using to polish up the metalwork. With great pride, Roddy held up a tampon and said they were terrific because they were individually wrapped so he always had a clean one. He could get in all the nooks and crannies with them and added that the cotton tail on the end was very handy for hanging it up until he wanted to use it.

Knowing and badly disguised adult smiles were shared as Roddy was encouraged to clean up his mess. His Mum didn’t know where to put herself and it was difficult to determine whether she was blushing with embarrassment or restrained humour at the situation.

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8 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt –9th August – Choosing your Context

  1. murisopsis says:

    Oh!! This would be just the thing I’d read in a Reader’s Digest magazine… Hehe!

    • My brother used one of Dr White’s best sanitary towels to polish the chrome on his motor bike as he said the loops on each side were great for giving a proper ‘shoe shine!’

  2. theresaly520 says:

    Ah, the many uses of tampons! 😉 I remember playing in the ball pit at McDonalds, when I heard a child scream out profanities. It was shocking to say the least!

  3. Sadje says:

    Haha, this is a great story.

  4. Michael says:

    I’m impressed you use the word ‘chucklesome’ Di, well done to you.

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