Young and Foolish?

The headlines are full of pictures of crowds as the UK launched into its new found freedom following PM Johnson’s lockdown restrictions removal.
Words fail me, but pictures speak volumes as the masses play Russian roulette with their lives.
Pictures from Yahoo headlines and articles of London/Soho

Not all places were descended upon by idiots and at least this pub had a brilliant idea to keep social distancing. Good times, socialising with friends, entertainment and relaxation is still on the cards, but common sense needs to be included in today’s current circumstances.
Picture from Yahoo article

Matt Hancock (UK Health Secretary) is on a different planet to the rest of us saying that the majority behaved responsibly. Not according to police reports of unrest, drunken fools  and fights in the big cities. Definitely not if these pictures are anything to go by, and as for the 1 meter social distancing if 2 is not possible? These are mere inches!!
Here, walking the dog at 10pm, there were few people about, and at 11pm we could hear off-key singing in the distance, but the nearest pub remained shut (only opened two days a week anyway).

I grant you not everywhere is like London/Manchester/Bristol/Leeds etc, and there are sensible people out there, or at least they try to be, but think of their age group.
Compare the ‘brilliant idea’ picture to the top ones.

The scenes at Bournemouth beach recently were horrendous, and one young adult male told a reporter that he felt perfectly safe and wouldn’t get the virus as he didn’t know anyone who had it.
OK then, for like minded people:
It’s not necessarily your friends you have to worry about, but do you know EVERYONE in that crowd? Do you know where they’ve been? Who they’ve mixed with? And who those they mixed with mixed with? Domino effect and a much wider picture.
Track and trace? Really? Got a tome handy in case the memory on your phone get filled?

Do you really think C-19 is going away? I mean, it’s not as if it can read the signs is it.

There is a new meaning to Stranger Danger now.
I can’t say it enough: Stay alert and keep safe.


About pensitivity101

I am a retired number cruncher with a vivid imagination and wacky sense of humour which extends to short stories and poetry. I love to cook and am a bit of a dog whisperer as I get on better with them than people sometimes! We have an elderly dog called Maggie who adopted us as a 7 week old pup in March 2005. From 2014 to 2017 'Home' was a 41 foot narrow boat where we made strong friendships both on and off the water. We were close to nature enjoying swan and duck families for neighbours, and it was a fascinating chapter in our lives. We now reside in a small bungalow on the Lincolnshire coast where we have forged new friendships and interests.
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64 Responses to Young and Foolish?

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    OMG! I am dumbfounded by how diabolically stupid people are! At this rate we will never see the end of COVID.

    • Our sentiments exactly.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        I shudder to think of the numbers of new cases in the next few weeks. I don’t know if you’re seeing the US news but it is a full blown disaster there.

      • We are on worldometer, and it seems the US, India and Brazil are vying for top position in the highest numbers of new cases! And what are they doing about trying to contain it???? Not very much now.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        They’re doing nothing to contain it. It is just stunning. 130,000 deaths and counting in the US.

      • We don’t seem to have any recoveries because it’s N/A on the chart. Our government has tweaked the figures and the way they are reported so often, we have no idea what the true numbers are, and that is scary.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        It is scary because you have no idea what you’re dealing with. The dishonesty is staggering. We are much better off here, we are getting true numbers and we are still not fully open.

      • We’re dreading the next two weeks, and IMO plans for ‘local lockdowns’ as proposed for Leicester will lead to even more unrest and problems.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        I don’t blame you, I’d be dreading it too. I just do not understand the selfishness, stupidity and anger. What is the big deal to put on a damn mask?????

      • I’m uncomfortable with anything on my face but understand the needs must and it’s not as if we have to wear it 24/7.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        Exactly. I don’t love it either but I’m sure it’s nowhere near as uncomfortable as being hooked up to a respirator. So for me it’s a no-brainer. For you too. But not for the fools unfortunately.

  2. quiall says:

    I wonder how many will die before they take this seriously.

  3. willowdot21 says:

    I so agree Di, it breaks my heart to see all this. I have had enough dealings with this virus, I can’t understand why some think they are invincible. I am almost grateful that I am stuck in isolation being vunerable with my friend it fiend the drain. I think life will never be the same again. …that might be because I am so low. Be safe 💜💜

  4. Liz says:

    Yes, your words in this post speak mine. I couldn’t say what my area was like because as you know, I am avoiding the town centre area for as long as I can.
    I am not queuing up for any shops down that way, so for that, if I can’t get it in Sainsburys just down the road from me, then I will go without, or go online.
    I don’t fancy gambling my chances, or other people’s. I rather gamble my money.
    As for eating out anywhere. No plans for that either. I continue to do as before.

    • Good for you Liz, I think you are very sensible. We are avoiding town, having done our major shop for the month last week. We are at the opposite end from all the attractions, shops, and chippies, and noticed the restaurant/pub and chip shop by us remained closed

      • Liz says:

        For me to walk into town, I am about 20 minutes away, or a bit under that. Where I will walk to go past town centre of shops, rather than go through is the only part where I am going to past a few people and this is where I come across some who don’t keep the distance the best they can. I am always glad to get past that bit and that’s enough for me to know why I will avoid town centre.
        Only time I will be that way, is to drop off my library book, which reminds to take a look when they are open and times, so I can do that. I plan to be in and out of there and the centre in under 10 minutes. I am dreading when I have to do this.

      • We are a fifteen minute walk from the High Street (on a good day). We sometimes walk through the park or along the prom, so there are various ways we can go. At the moment, we are staying home though.

      • Liz says:

        I don’t blame you staying at home.

  5. Sadje says:

    People don’t learn, do they!

  6. Maggie says:

    It’s unfathomable to me.

  7. I think Covid-19 is far from going away and maybe it never truly will. I don’t care what government or officials say, Mister and I will be acting with social distancing for a long while yet.

  8. Oh my gosh Boris has taken a page from Trumps idiotic book. Covid is surging again here. 😡

  9. We are seeing this in the US. People lack common sense these days.

  10. The pub with the social distancing idea is like most restaurants or other ‘open’ venues here. One can sit ‘in’ and eat (we don’t have pubs in America … well we DO, but I suspect they are faded versions of yours; and in Utah? Everyone probably drinks or has drunk in their lives, but nobody admits it… 😆 ) People are stupid, and that’s now been factually proven. I’m sorry your country got as dim-witted as mine. *sigh*

    • I read an article where a restaurant/pub owner invested £12K on installation of Pods for his patrons. Brilliant, and he’s booked until September! There are some sensible people about, but I think they have the advantage of older brains.

    • I have lived with the Mormons most of my life, I doubt very much any true Moron has a drink, those that do are called jack Mormons.

  11. TheHiddenEdge says:

    I live on the south coast and not so far from Bournemouth. I never go into town when the schools break up. It’s not much fun being trampled upon by the grockles!!! I feel much the same right now. I do get that the kids (my step son is one of these) feel they are ‘invincible’. He is really restless and frustrated. As unselfish as we oldies may think it is – we were all a little Gungho at that age. He is old enough to decide what he wants to do – he just can’t visit us! 😇

    • TheHiddenEdge says:

      OPS! Meant selfish, not unselfish of course!

    • Poole is my home town so I can sympathise with the grockles!! We live on the Lincolnshire coast and have loads of tourists visit the area. We have been staying home as much as possible anyway, but even more so now.

  12. Young people think that if they get C-19, they will recover quickly.

  13. murisopsis says:

    This post reminded me of the STD education my sons received – every time you have sex with someone, you are having sex with everyone they ever had sex with if you don’t wear protection! Seems it is the same mingling with a crowd of unmasked strangers… Indeed – stay safe, wash your hands and wear your mask!

  14. We keep saying the same thing and sadly if often falls on deaf ears. Safety first.

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