We went Shopping Today

The plan was to get into town early before the rush, so we left home at 7.45, stopping off for a potty break for Maggie.
We arrived at our first shop at 8.20. Plenty of places to park, no queues and about 20 people inside. My lady on the door wasn’t there again, so it’s possible that they are no longer monitoring customers as they enter. At least they widened the aisles at the beginning of the pandemic and have maintained that so there is space, but then it is a bigger shop in the first place.

I have stocked up with most things, the logic being when the second wave hits, we are prepared and won’t be joining the panic buyers. Call me pessimistic if you wish, but as our leaders throw open the country and blow caution to the wind as regards social distancing, we are not getting tangled up in open hostilities as Residents take on Visitors in the shopping queues. There is a lot of anger in town, and we want no part of it.

I had a full trolley. I cannot remember the last time I did that, and my total bill came to just over £43. Prices are creeping up, but there is the occasional reduction which is not due to special offers. It’s difficult to gauge things like fruit as it all depends on weight, but I paid 42p for a single pear and 86p for two apples today. Kiwis are sold individually and have gone up and I decided against buying grapes for a while as the last two punnets have been disappointing.

Hubby took the next shop which at less than a fiver wasn’t very much, and Maggie’s bags of chicken dog food are still absent. She seems to like the beef though so if we can’t get any chicken when we next need some, beef it will be.
From there we went up the High Street and I nipped into The Works to get some card trimmings. Typically they didn’t have what I wanted now (grrrr!!) so I came away with some coloured papers and sticky tape as I’m running low.
We then went into our final shop where Hubby spent £23.

So for £71 or thereabouts our cupboards are full, and other than yogurt, bread, fresh veg and fruit we shouldn’t have much more of an outlay as July progresses.
I’ve modified my brexit chart to previous and current prices, though we didn’t get everything on this list.
Yellow boxes are increases, pink reductions.

We didn’t buy any freezer stuff today but this is most of what we bought (or multiples thereof)
We have also changed some of our basics to shops own brands to try and save money , especially toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and non perfumed soap as we had been unable to get our original of choice so had been looking for alternatives. Lidl have turned up trumps on all of them, but most of the price increases have been in there, including those, so maybe they intend to cash in on popularity and hope the occasional 10p rise isn’t noticed.

It’s been a good shop though, and we were home by 11.30 having stopped off for another potty break and also a visit to the Post Office where I had to queue for 20 minutes.

Keep safe everyone


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13 Responses to We went Shopping Today

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Good idea to stock up. I’d like to be wrong but I think a second wave is inevitable. And then there is the US. What a hot mess!! The EU have banned Americans and our border remains closed. No one wants them — with good reason. Stay safe Di.

  2. Sadje says:

    Planning is good idea. Hope things don’t get bad on your side of the world.

  3. willowdot21 says:

    Good shop mam 👍💜💜

  4. Carol anne says:

    Your a good shopper Di! Can I borrow you to do mine? Hehehehe 😀

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