Quick Update on Doctor’s visit

They have a good and efficient system and in many ways, it’s a shame the surgery can’t always operate like this.
Anyway, I arrived in plenty of time and was greeted at the door by a nurse who waved a wand at my forehead to take my temperature.  All OK and I was allowed in (tick)

From there I went to reception, seeing a new face behind the mask who was pleased to see a cheerful person ie. me! Check in went OK and I was directed to my pod to wait (tick)

Instead of twenty seats, there are now only 8, and a guy was wiping them down every time one was vacated. One other patient was waiting, and I was called in after about 5 minutes.
The nurse was lovely and when I saw the number of phials on the tray, I asked if she intended to fill all of them. She said yes, but promised to leave me some. When asked about which arm, I explained my veins tend to run for cover so to pick one and stab away.
She swabbed both, strapped up my right, and before I knew it, I was done (tick)
I went back to my seat in the waiting area and the one patient had been replaced by a mother and daughter, both wearing masks as I was.  The daughter was about 10 and had her arms strapped up. Apparently she had some numbing cream on them as she was having a blood test and suffered from anxiety. I assured her that the nurse wouldn’t hurt and got a wobbly nod.

The doctor, dressed in a white coat, plastic pinny, mask and head visor came to collect me. She’s Polish and it was difficult to hear and understand her. She asked what the symptoms were and I explained about being on my new meds for about 6 months now and one of the listed possible side effects was a DVT. The discolouration and swelling had come up in the last week or so, so she had a look and a prod. It was a bit tender but not much, and she thinks it’s surface veins rather than deep veins that are affected.
I took in my BP readings just in case, and she said they are really good. This morning it was 124 over 75 with a pulse of 62. I keep a sheet and over the year, it averages out at 130 over 72 with a pulse of 61.
She has prescribed some painkillers, stomach protectors from said painkillers, and a gel to apply to the site.  If I don’t hear from her about the results of the blood test, then I don’t have a DVT. If I get a call or text message, it will be because I do and she will arrange for an ultrasound (tick)

The pharmacy only had the pills and have ordered the gel in, which should arrive this afternoon. Getting home I looked at the box and the painkillers are the same as prescribed for my back problems which I didn’t take because they are ibuprofen based and that affects my kidneys. I’m supposed to take these for 14 days, but I’m not going to as I’m not in any pain but will take soluble aspirin instead for a couple of days just in case and use the gel when I get it.

My appointment was at 10 and I was out by twenty past (tick).

We did our bit of shopping then came home to do the housework and get lunch.
As I said earlier it was cottage pie today, so minced beef, an onion and garlic, topping the mix with mashed potato and my crumbled brown bread for that crunchy topping.
I served it with green beans, carrots and broccoli.

His and Hers dinner today


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22 Responses to Quick Update on Doctor’s visit

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    They certainly are well organized and efficient. That’s impressive and very reassuring. A friend told me a story yesterday involving one of our largest and highly regarded hospitals here that was anything but impressive. A neighbour of hers had a medical appointment there this week. When she arrived the waiting room was packed with people — no social distancing. They were thankfully all wearing masks but believe it or not, the receptionist was not! I would have reported it to the hospital administrator.

  2. Sadje says:

    All the best my friend

  3. rugby843 says:

    I cant take anything but tylenol because of kidney disease. They should know that before prescribing pain meds to you

    • I had a discussion with the doctor who prescribed the first lot about the kidney issue and he said there was nothing in my notes. I told him that it had come up in blood tests at my previous surgery and there should be a note on my file. He said to take them anyway. This is the same guy who misdiagnosed Hubby, issued wrong medication with no follow ups and as a result, Hubby ended up in hospital……… twice.
      I am loathe to go to see a GP, but our preferred lady doctor wasn’t available today.

  4. SarahC says:

    Good you keep up on the no no to ibuprofen. Mr has kidney disease and we have to trumpet all his diags when we see our new doc.

    • My previous GP was brilliant and extremely thorough. Here they don’t seem to read a patient’s notes. The HHA prescribed me steroids and I had to take 8 at once for 7 days. They’d cause me to bloat, have gas and put on weight but ‘it’s only for the short term, so don’t worry’. he said. As I had battled to get my weight down, my second word (in my mind of course as I’m polite like that) was ‘Off’ and I never filled the prescription.

      • SarahC says:

        I hear ya 😀
        I hope they allow me to continue to go in with him to Dr as I m sometimes the brain fo4 us since his stroke. He appears fine but for mobility gait issue. But with heart and kidney to remember with Bp I STILL need to be in charge😀

      • You stick to your guns and go in with him.

      • SarahC says:

        You bet….I had to live at hospital last yr when he was in. I don’t take chances thankful it was Last yr

      • I’m glad my surgery was last year too. Hubby was already beside himself because he couldn’t be with me as we had the dog to consider, although our friend was brilliant, but now with the C-19 virus he would have been frantic.

  5. They are well organised. It’s nice that they are maintaining such high standards. I hope it turns out okay. Take care

  6. willowdot21 says:

    Glad it went okay at the drs if not at the pharmacy 😊

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