A bit nuts…………

No, nothing to do with my previous posts but how about cereal bars?
SW do their own range and you get 6 for £1.95. You can have 2 of them as a daily healthy B option, or syn them at 3 syns each.
There is an alternative to purchase in most supermarkets with the same SW benefits but you only get 5 bars in the box and prices range from £1 to £2.30 depending where you shop. I should point out here that it is the ‘light’ version that applies for comparison.

I haven’t been to SW for a while, even more so because of the lockdown, but these were a handy standby in the cupboard if I fancied something sweet to nibble that I could control, sort of.
So, having seen boxes of the alternative ‘lights’ in a variety of flavours for £1 a box, I have indulged myself.
As an exercise (OK, I fancied chocolate and it wasn’t a ‘light’ box), I bought a new variety of fruit and nut, which according to the SW bible attracts 6 syns per bar.
The ‘light’ variety I bought has 66 kcals per bar or 345 kcals per 100g.
The ‘naughty’ bar doesn’t say how many kcals it has but per 100g it’s 419.

There is just a tiny bit of difference in weight though:
The light bar is only 19g, whereas the other is 29g, so you are actually having less which is bound to affect calorific intake if you are counting calories as some diet plans do.
My logic says that 2 light bars (3 syns each) are therefore 38g, but if you wanted to cheat and spoil yourself, , you could have one 29g bar instead, still only use 6 syns and actually have less kcals overall.

The problem of course is, can you stop at just one?
Hm. Thought not……………………………… me neither.


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10 Responses to A bit nuts…………

  1. pendantry says:

    Just one question (I assume ‘SW’ is ‘Safeway’): what is a ‘syn’?

    • Ah, sorry. SW is Slimming World. I rejoined last year as their weight programme worked for me and I have lost almost 3 stone (42lbs) since 2016.
      As with a lot of diets, there are quirks and formats for treats, Weight Watchers give them points (their diet didn’t work for me at all) and SW give them syns. I’m allowed 15 syns a day, and now that I’m at target 15 extra syns three times a week, so I can have my cheesecake, chocolate etc as long as I’m careful. They have a supportive website that members can log into to check various goodies that might not be in their handbook (I call it the SW bible).
      You’re probably wondering how many syns certain things have, so for example, a jam doughnut has 10, a pecan danish pastry has 19, a Big Mac 25 and a half, a medium milkshake 19 and a half, a 39g mars bar has 9, but things like fruit and veg is termed ‘free’ and so you can have as much as you like.
      Certain items like milk, cheese, bread and cereals are limited and need to be measured to not attract a syn value, but the best thing about SW is nothing is off limits though obviously the ‘bad stuff’ has penalties.

  2. murisopsis says:

    My downfall is chocolate. I was looking at the calories and fat and realized that 4 squares of 87% cocoa had less than half the calories of half as much of the milk chocolate! So now I will splurge on a little chocolate once a week and still not feel like I’ve been naughty!

  3. SarahC says:

    Nope not just one

  4. Carol anne says:

    yum! I love chocolate! I’ve indulged in some this week! The sw bars, I do like as well, with the mint, or orange kind being my faves!

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