Film Review: Rambo, Last Blood

I bought this yesterday as we hadn’t had a new film for a while and as we’d seen the other 4, I was interested to see where they’d take the story.
I’d read years ago that Clint Walker was going to play John Rambo Senior, but there was no sign of him or a father figure.
Also I was not expecting so much Spanish dialogue and sub titles.

Note: spoiler alert
Rambo Last Blood starts some 11 years after he returned home from Burma (Rambo 4). His father is now deceased and he is running the horse ranch with his old friend Maria and her grandaughter Gabriella.
Gabriella and her late mother were abandoned by her biological father, but a friend has tracked him down so she goes to Mexico to see him.

After being told that he didn’t care about her and that was why he left, a distraught Gabriella is taken to a bar by her friend to cheer her up where she is drugged and kidnapped.
In the meantime, Maria finds a note to say that she has gone to Mexico, and Rambo goes after her, knowing what her father was really like.

He finds the friend, and makes her take him to the bar where she points out the men they were talking to the night Gabriella disappeared.
Rambo follows them, but is set upon by the gang and beaten up.
They recognise Gabriella from his photo and decide to make an example of her, carving up her face and injecting her with heroin before selling her into prostitution.

Rambo finds her and brings her home, killing a few bad guys in the process.
Having been given an overdose of drugs, Gabriella dies on the journey giving Rambo cause for revenge.
It is not tidy, it is bloody and graphic and obviously the cartell come after him having obtained his drivers licence with his home address on it when they’d met before.
Knowing they’d come as he’d intended, he boobytraps the ranch and surrounding area.
Plenty of blood and guts as he kills them by various means ranging from nail spikes, gunshots, decapitation, arrows, knife and machetes, leaving the leader to last.
Pinning him to the stable wall with four arrows, Rambo then cuts his heart out while he’s still breathing and tosses it on the floor.

Hubby fell asleep within twenty minutes, not because he was bored, but he was tired. I lost part of the storyline in the middle because her ladyship wanted to go out so we will be watching it again, probably tomorrow.

Saying that though, it was an OK finale and I’d give itthough personally I preferred Rambo 4, despite finding Julie Benz’s character ‘Sarah’ irritating.
As an aside, I sincerely hope they do not make a 6th as dead horse and flogging come immediately to mind.

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5 Responses to Film Review: Rambo, Last Blood

  1. murisopsis says:

    The Rambo franchise has, in my opinion, run out of steam. I doubt that Sylvester Stallone would be believable in another film… he has “aged out” as an action hero. Glad you liked it enough for a 7. Maybe I’ll give it a try if it is on Netflix…

    • Definitely not as good as 4, and he is ‘getting on’. For me, the story didn’t really go anywhere, but as I say, I missed a bit in the middle. It’s worth a look IMO, but didn’t really blow smoke like the first three. Four worked because he was trying to live a quiet life and was ‘forced’ out of retirement.
      He has The Expendables now, and in the first I thought he looked like a pantomine dame with all the heavy makeup. It turned out he’d broken a bone in his neck during one of the fight scenes and was on pain killers.

  2. Sadje says:

    For me it was a hard watch.

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