Tight fisted

It’s started, the pull back.
Well, our caring government have to recover ‘their generosity’ somehow, and how’s that? Higher taxes, austerity measures, pension and wage freezes, and no doubt more red tape and hoops as they claw back funds from those who can least afford it.

Oh it had been such a joy to be given an extra 70p a week by the government at the beginning of the new financial year.
Oh how wonderful to have a payrise in the works pension of £6 a month.
But the government have now advised that due to an increase in said works pension, Hubby’s benefit will be reduced by 14p a week…………. yes 14p a week and we don’t know why as his income is still thousands less than the personal allowance!

OK, it’s just 14p, so that’s less than £8 a year, but it’s the principle, especially as they’d already reduced his mobility allowance by £2000 a year last October.
Letter has been sent.

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12 Responses to Tight fisted

  1. TanGental says:

    You do sometimes wonder how they work these things out. Seaweed being squeezed? Psychic octopus?

    • We shall see what their reasoning is behind it. It will start with pence, then pounds, then they’ll remove it altogether. I just hope we get our State Pensions before they do that.

  2. fransiweinstein says:


  3. Paula Light says:

    Gavin will probably raise California taxes too. He’s been complaining about our deficit for a few weeks now. God forbid we should think about cutting expenses. Generally, I like him though!

    • Our guy will put personal taxes up I expect (already mentioned in reports) and increase VAT which affects everyone. We don’t earn enough to pay income tax, but he still wants a chunk. It’s pointless saving for a rainy day too because the interest rates are pathetic. I get more in dust than pence .

  4. willowdot21 says:

    They give with one hand and take back with the other 💜

  5. 😡 That’s unconscionable. But those who make the decisions don’t have any conscience, do they? SIlly me. .

    • We shall no doubt have a letter, eventually, either saying it was a mistake (they did that a couple of years ago sending a tax demand for £460 which was madness, and turned out they had put the current year’s earnings in the previous tax year, no apology of course), or saying they’d got the figures wrong in the first place.

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