Stable, Door and Horse


IMO this should have been done at the onset of locking down the UK (source) especially as our PM chose not to close the ports, airports and Channel Tunnel.
Of course holidays are going to be disrupted and I’m not happy about the lockdown any more than the next person, but if it’s what’s needed to slow the spread until a vaccine can be found, then so be it.

These were the figures on the worldometer site at 7.38 this morning.

You’ll note the UK now has the highest deaths total in Europe, still have no figure regarding recovery, and the 1559 serious/critical figure has been the same for weeks.
This isn’t some kind of Eurovision Song Contest leader board.

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14 Responses to Stable, Door and Horse

  1. We are three months too late. This government should be sent to prison for corporate manslaughter. Even this week they spin a story t make Boris look good, it sends people outside in groups then the day later they spin a story that Boris is keeping the lockdown largely in place as he is a strong leader. All backed by Murdock and co.

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    It’s all just staggering. Boris and Trump should both be arrested for murder, because that’s what they’re both guilty of.

  3. Sadje says:

    Badly handled by the government, no surprise there.

  4. murisopsis says:

    Sadly the USA is “in the lead” except in percentage of the population tested… and they want to lift the restrictions! Oy! I’m going to mingle when I feel safe according to the statistics – not when the POTUS says I can….

    • Oh I’m with you on that. Our PM will be making his announcement tomorrow about easing restrictions. It’s madness IMO, the figures are still going up!

  5. I KNEW better than to look, especially with your carefully placed disclaimer, but I did look. Are you glad you don’t live over here? America is leading the world and in a bad way. Aw shoot. 😦 But then our leadership is a lot dumber than any other nation too. Couldn’t lead a dehydrated horse to water… 😦

    • The fact that the UK has the second highest death rate is frightening….. we’ll see what BoJo has to say tomorrow about the lockdown though his sidekicks are saying it’s to be extended. We don’t know what to believe, so will keep going the way we are.

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