Someone’s else’s idea………….

A week or so ago I did a post on my card making and a reader mentioned sending a little package of cards to my aunt who had been unable to get out to purchase Easter cards.
I’ve had a letter from her today thrilled at the cards and the stamps which she said were a godsend. Apparently a hat will be on its way to me in due course.

My aunt is my Dad’s eldest sister. There were twins and another sister, all sadly no longer with us, and a surviving brother though I believe there was another who drowned whilst on honeymoon.
My paternal Grandfather was married four times, though apart from his widow, I didn’t know them, my Grandmother having died when Dad was a child, and I met one fleetingly at a cousin’s wedding in 1972.
I have a photograph of my Great Grandparents with their children, two girls and four boys who were of course my grandfather, great uncles and great aunts. Great Gran was tiny, but you daren’t cross her as she was a dab hand with the tea towel!
I have fond memories of Dad’s family, and I remember trips up to London to see them.
They lived in a small terraced house with no bathroom, and the loo was outside next to the coal cellar. The front parlour housed a huge sideboard where I discovered the sugar lumps in a blue glass dish on a silver stand, and my great aunt’s piano, which I was never allowed to touch, let alone play.
Her kitchen wasn’t much bigger than the one I have here, but fitted cupboards weren’t the norm then, let alone freezers, automatic washing machines and built in cookers. Shelves were curtained off, there were racks on the wall for pans and the draining boards were wooden either side of a butler sink.
I also remember the front door step would gleam from years of polishing.

I’m glad I took the time to put my small gift together. My aunt contacts me several times throughout the year and remembered my 60th birthday (her daughter was 60 that September) and our silver wedding anniversary in 2016. It’s good to know she’s OK.


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15 Responses to Someone’s else’s idea………….

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    My mother was an identical twin.

    • I could only tell my aunts apart by their hairstyles and husbands. Apparently it was supposed to occur in alternate generations, and mine was ‘it’. My sister only had one at a time and I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks so didn’t know if I was actually expecting one or two. My nieces and cousins only had single births too.

  2. Wow…What a wonderful and precious family.

    • They were but other than my aunt and uncle on Dad’s side, there is only a brother on Mum’s of that generation left. I regret my family are nothing like this now and other than Bro in NZ, I have no contact with my siblings or their offspring.

  3. This sounds like a collection of wonderful memories. It’s great that you keep checking on her.

    • I’ve written to her a few times during the year as she’s not on the computer and likes the old fashioned letters. I miss writing to my Mum, so it’s nice to write to a family member sometimes as well as friends in a similar age group.

  4. Sadje says:

    That was a great idea. I’m glad that your gesture made her happy.

  5. TanGental says:

    Well done Di. Clinton cards watch out!

  6. Carol Anne says:

    Awwwh! How thoughtful! What a nice gesture! I’m glad she’s ok!

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