Seeing Red today

I’m a Taurean right?  The sign of the bull, and we all know what happens when you wave a red flag at a bull……………….
This is my good side……….

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this, but I know it made me angry.

You may remember our mail delivery this week advising that the interest rate on our savings is being reduced from 1% to point two five percent, which means every hundred pounds saved attracts twenty five PENCE in interest A YEAR. That won’t even buy a second class stamp.

Well, I had the SW magazine delivered today as a loyalty promotion for all members whilst group meetings are now via Zoom because of the Coronavirus lockdown.
Very nice, and some lovely recipes which I shall probably try out. But as is always the case with magazines, there are flyers inside promoting eye glasses, double glazing, insurance and the like, and today it was secondary ISA accounts.
My ISA is a basic instant access one as if we needed money in a hurry, this is the only place we could get some.
According to the flyer, I can have another ISA as well as my existing one provided it is an INVESTMENT ISA and I can put in a minimum of £10 pm up to the maximum of £20,000 per year (in each ISA account).
It wasn’t that……………… it was the little snippit after it
‘Afterall, that’s no hardship for most of us ‘.

I don’t care if this might have been referring to the ten pound payments and if so, the flyer was badly worded, but our joint income is nowhere near the first £20K so how the hell could we SAVE twice that and still live?  Just proves I am so out of touch with ‘incomes’.
Had the CEO of this Scottish company been within the social distancing footage, he would not have lived.They bleed you, they bleed you some more, then wash in your blood and spit on you.


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11 Responses to Seeing Red today

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    They really are oblivious. And what a stupid time to be hawking investments of any kind — when the world economy is in total free fall.

  2. Sadje says:

    Very insensitively worded.

  3. murisopsis says:

    I had a pushy investment broker attempt to get me to put $20,000 into his plan without my husband’s knowledge. I was flabbergasted. I won’t make even a minor purchase above a certain amount without first either letting him know or getting his opinion. He seemed to think I had that sum just sitting around! They get numb from working with lots of money (and seem to think everyone is rich). Hope you can simmer down and not end up in jail for throttling any of the idiots!!

    • Too far away, but it’s laughable in a way, especially as according to the government website, we’re in severe poverty! We’re doing OK by the way, no-one likely to knock on the door to remove stuff we can’t pay for as we don’t have anything!!

  4. PaperKutzs says:

    Ih so sadly true.

  5. TanGental says:

    So that worked then!

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