Just a thought re Big Business

Big Business is suffering in the Coronavirus pandemic, and if my understanding is correct, they too are looking to the Government for grants to tide them over.
Big Business is money or maybe money is big business but I am curious.

You will have to excuse my naivety as I have never been in control of a budget larger than our income, haven’t had to worry about investment in company growth, employee wages, production costs, company vehicle fleets, warehouse and storage facilities, office leases, stockholders, pensions and dividends.

However, Big Business make bi££ions in profits every year.
Why can they not tap into those profits for just a year to assist the economy and give it a chance to stabilise?  Perhaps the running costs to keep their business afloat will be tax deductible as their income will be reduced this year because of the crisis.
Why can’t it be suggested that in order to keep wages going, dividends will be suspended for 2020?
Why can’t Big Business be part of the financial solution in utilising their own capital reserves instead of wanting a Government handout?
Surely it is better to have a Business after all this with reduced profits for another year or two rather than no business at all, in which case, where have all those bi££ions in profits actually gone for said business to fold?
If everyone in Big Business were to work together and take a cut, ie landlords reduce lease payments for businesses that are temporarily closed, reducing interim connective charges between each other so that minimal costs were covered and nominal obligations met.

I am a money manager of the Housewife Clan. When times are good, money is put aside for leaner times or as standard practice for financial commitments such as income tax payments when one is self employed.
Brassic as we are, we do not spend every penny of our income and have cut our cloth to suit our purse. Extravagances have been shelved for the time being, not that I would count coffee and cake in the cafe once or twice a week extravagant.

Life is not as it was two months ago. Nor will it be in two, three, four or even six months from now. If anyone believes it will be, I’d like a slice of whatever drug you’re on.


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13 Responses to Just a thought re Big Business

  1. pendantry says:

    You ask a very valid and pertinent question. The answer is, I believe, that, sadly, the politicians — who are supposed to do our bidding — instead do the bidding of the corporations 😦

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    They’re greedy! Trump gave huge corporations billions in tax cuts. Instead of hiring more people, giving even small cost of living raises, they used the windfall for buybacks and dividends, making themselves and their rich shareholders even richer. They’re parasites! 🤬🤬🤬

  3. Paula Light says:

    Look at Amazon/Whole Foods. Run by the richest man on the planet, yet he can’t give his employees unlimited sick days during this pandemic. No. They have to pool them for each other. What a dick!

  4. Why can’t Big Business….? Greed my dear, simply put Big Business is greedy. A virus isn’t going to put that sort off their feed…

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