OK, I’ll buy it………….. if I could

Hubby and I have always had skimmed milk and shortly after we got together, we switched to skimmed UHT as it suited us both, we could buy in bulk and it was also a healthy option.
In contrast, MOH prefers full fat milk (the blue top) and we soon discovered when visiting or staying with him that neither of our digestive systems could tolerate it in the volumes of tea we were used to drinking, so we started to take a carton of our own when we went to see him.

We needed milk today as we were down to half of our second 2 litre bottle of fresh milk which was purchased on Monday, so Hubby was up early and outside the shop for 8am.
There was a small queue, everyone being sensible and keeping their distance.
Inside, there was no fresh veg other than a pathetic packet of parsnips and bag of leeks which were going black and had probably been there since the weekend. It’s funny what people will not eat, even in a crisis like this.
There was also no skimmed milk (red top). Plenty of semi skimmed (green top) and full fat, but no skimmed at all.
Hubby tried elsewhere and it as the same story, and in the third shop he bought 2 bottles of semi skimmed and asked the cashier why there was no skimmed on the shelves. Surely everyone wasn’t on a health kick and had switched?
He was told that skimmed milk was not being produced at the moment, and we would be lucky to find any.

Speaking to our neighbour over the fence (she’s doing OK by the way), it would appear that the wonderful TESCO, they of the massive profits **, have come up with this ludicrous idea that skimmed milk is not as much in demand as the others and thus not cost effective for them to stock.
This has apparently had a knock on effect to everyone else who have followed suit.
Profit above people. Typical Tesco **.

Is it the same in your area folks, or can you get the milk of your choice with little difficulty? It will be interesting to see now if the skimmed UHT shelves are empty too.


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33 Responses to OK, I’ll buy it………….. if I could

  1. Cyranny says:

    Last time I went out, there was no shortage in my area, but I have a feeling that it could change anytime… Crazy times! *sigh* Stay safe and well 🙂

  2. Ritu says:

    Well, that is just ridiculous!

  3. Liz says:

    I couldn’t say about the fresh milk where I live, with me drinking soya milk. But as tje UHT is on same shelf as soya, that milk was still on display.

  4. willowdot21 says:

    It’s all wrong isn’t it, we have resorted to green, although I am much better off on skimmed milk 💜

  5. Paula Light says:

    I use whole milk because I need more fat in my low calorie diet. I know it sounds weird. Anyway, I couldn’t find any at Trader Joe’s when people first went nuts, but the next week it was in at my normal grocery store. Supposedly I can get Von’s to do a delivery this weekend of everything I need (eggs, milk, fresh produce), but no TP!! Luckily, I still have enough for a while 🙂

  6. Definitely been enough semi skimmed but not much of the other two in our shops.

  7. I’m on my last carton. Her in the US Red is whole mile, blue is semi and green is skim

  8. murisopsis says:

    We don’t have a shortage of milk of any type in Indiana USA. Toilet paper on the other hand is a rare commodity. We have lots of fresh produce but not a single bag of frozen vegetables to be seen… There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the items in short supply…

  9. pendantry says:

    Tesco’s strapline is ‘Tesco. Every little helps’.
    For the longest time, I’ve thought that’s wrong.
    It should read ‘Every little helps Tesco’.

    • We cottoned on years ago and voted with our feet after their disgusting attitude towards local residents over their massive extension. On construction it was like a huge meccano set overlooking our gardens, and when finished it would be their first floor cafe, and no privacy.

  10. This is interesting, Di, no skimmed milk. I don’t like it, I always laugh and say it is the water they use to clean the milk machines but I can see why you buy it.

    • I never used to like it for the same reason, too watery, but the UHT suited us both and I got used to it. Will seem strange going onto semi skimmed after 30 plus years!

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