Today so far : 9th March

Early start today as Hubby had a blood test. All good there which is a relief, though his finger took ages to stop bleeding and he has a lovely big bruise.
Next stop was the council tip. Only open Friday to Monday, we had some broken glass to dispose of plus rubble and garden waste. We had to go round twice as we overshot the rubble bin and it was too far to walk back with heavy bags.
After that, it was to a discount store for nail brushes (none) and zip lock bags in two different sizes (stocks low, but I got one of each). There is a notice up that handwash is limited to 2 bottles per customer and there were only 3 left on the shelf.
Penultimate stop was a DIY store for rubber gloves, WD40, and gardening gloves.
Yes, yes and yes.
Final stop in town was to buy some mouthwash. Funny how you can get peppermint in two varieties as one is alcohol free, but the original? Sold out. I legged it down to another retailer and got the last bottle of original, though it cost me an extra pound to the other place. Peppermint reigned in abundance there too. Hubby can’t tolerate peppermint.

Our reason for going to town today was to get a refund on Maggie’s previous meds, so a tenner has gone back on the account. We decided against getting more foot cream as we have well over half a tube left and that seems to have settled down now. If we need some, we can always ring and order it for collection.
Photo: May 2015 on the boat

On the way home, it was a detour to the garden centre for some bark to put down in the greenhouse so that we don’t get muddy feet when inside. It’s all drying out nicely, and Hubby had put planting beds on three sides so we thought about paving slabs, then stone, but settled on bark. We do have a paving slab in front of the entrance though. He also bought some lawn feed for the front grass as it was half price (yay!) and a packet each of cucumber and pepper seeds. They have been started off indoors and are sitting on the window sill in the bedroom in half toilet rolls in a plastic bag on a tray.
We’ve decided on Tom and Jerry for the tomatoes and still open to suggestions for the rest. We have three peppers, 1 cucumber, will have six beans, and our onion set has 100 in it. Don’t panic, we are sticking with ‘Onions’ for them, or maybe Minions if they all take!
Hubby had a tweak to do to the greenhouse door, so I’ve been helping him with that, and finally managed to settle down to my computer a little while ago.
As is the norm, all comments and 3TC challenge participants acknowledged first.
I’ve decided against going to SW tonight. In all honesty, I’ve lost heart to some extent, though I have been sticking to plan for the last five days to keep within target.

My scales tend to weigh me lighter by about two pounds to group, but I weigh myself in the mornings whereas weigh in isn’t until early evening. There’s a choice of three groups in town here I can go to on a Wednesday, one of which is first thing in the morning so I shall see how I feel.

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  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Love Tom and Jerry. How about Peter for the peppers, Jack for the beans, Colette for the cucumber?

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Busy, busy 💜

  3. blindzanygirl says:

    Not a bad day then

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