Council Budgets: my thoughts

Having just spoken with our completely shattered postman, I can save our council hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in postage alone, not to mention additional costs for suitable footwear.

Excluding temporary accommodation and holiday caravans, there are over 55,000 housing/households in our area, 75% of which are owner occupied. The remainder is made up of private rentals followed by housing associations and bringing up the rear at just 3%, council owned properties.

April sees the new rates of Council Tax (local taxation) for properties and residential caravans and our postie and his associates will be delivering letters to every household accordingly either tomorrow or early next week.
Today he has delivered details of the refuse bin collections to every household and last week, details of the green bin collections to those who have signed up and parted with £40 for the privilege of 21 collections between April  and March. Judging by the number of green bins we see put out every fortnight, I’d guess that would be around 80%.
So, Di’s counting head is on, and let’s do the math.
Currently, 1st class letters up to a weight of 100g is 70p with second class 61p for 100g.
As from March 23rd 2020, 1st class is going up to 76p and second class 65p.

You are charged more for weight and size but no doubt the council being a large concern will be using a franking machine, which reduces the cost of postage to currently 61p for first class or 41p second class.
Let’s assume they want the bills to hit the mat as soon as possible so will be paying 61p per letter for first class delivery.
That’s £33, 900 plus change in postage………………. TWICE, plus another £27, 125 or so for the green bin schedules.
Thus the council could potentially save £61,025 and a lot of leg work for our exhausted posties simply by putting these three things in one envelope, or including the information in the Council Tax breakdown of where our money goes.

Now imagine if those savings were rolled out to every other council in the country.

I suppose you could say to do this would be putting someone out of a job of envelope stuffing, and the knock on effect would be less posties being required. Can’t win really.


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9 Responses to Council Budgets: my thoughts

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    They could also email them to everyone who signs up for it. That’s what banks, utilities and businesses are doing here. The company who provides my telephone/internet/cable service has completely eliminated paper billing — they didn’t even bother to offer a choice. If you don’t have a computer or internet service you’re out of luck — and have to find another way to access your bill online — like at the libraries.

    • Everyone relies too much on technology and there are still a lot of people who don’t have access to or want to use a computer. Our utility bill is on line as is our phone bill, but our water bill comes in the mail (just paid and very pleased as it’s over £20 below budget). It’s just another way of tracking you and invading your privacy IMO

      • fransiweinstein says:

        I don’t disagree with you, but I’m afraid that’s where it’s all headed. It saves a ton of money and time and that’s all they care about. If the money they saved was put to good use — like fairer wages for employees and better service and services for customers it would be one thing — bit when it ends up in the pockets of overpaid management it really ticks me off.

      • Me too and I think you’re right, everything is going to be on an app, or whatever. Any savings go in profits to the shareholders or top brass and sod the little guy trying to make ends meet on a pittance.
        You should see the looks I get when I say my phone only makes and receives calls and texts, though my new one has a camera! Some people are gobsmacked we don’t have a TV and still have a landline! The latter is purely for the internet as we have a cheap package and use our PAYG mobiles for making calls apart from telephone banking. It keeps the budget in line as we are in control as there are no limits or contracts.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        I do have a TV, but just one and I get the same looks when I tell people I don’t have Netflix. I also have a landline which I never use, but it’s part of a package that in the end costs me less for my other services. Without the landline they would cost more. Makes no sense to me, but you can be sure there’s a benefit in there for the provider.

      • Our landline package with unlimited internet and line rental is £15 pm. Yep. We have to pay for all calls on top of that which is why we use the mobile, but my hone budget is £30 om, so with £10 on my mobile, we’re still quids in.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        I don’t get anything unlimited except long distance calls within Canada. But I never go above any of my limits which is good because if you do the costs are very high.

  2. I’ve only got two cheques left and the bank won’t issue new ones. I miss cheques. Found them easy to control money. Online is to easy and way too quick at eating into your bank account.

    • Interesting your bank isn’t issuing cheque books.
      We don’t use them often but sometimes bill payments can be made by post with one. We do telephone banking, but not online. Too twitchy about potential fraud. My banking knowledge is so dated now, and the thught of paying a cheque into your account on a phone app image astounds me!

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