Second Sight…………………

Hubby and I have been thinking (no jokes about it being unusual please LOL) and realised that neither of us have a spare pair of glasses, so if we lose or damage them, we are technically ‘stuffed’.

Hubby is lucky and can get away with a cheapie pair of readers from the discount store for a few pounds, but for distance and driving, he needs a pair on prescription.
My new specs are great. My old ones are scratched to hell and beyond, so it was no surprise I couldn’t see straight. The darts game is still far from perfect and Hubby is hammering me, but I’m getting there.

What’s triggered the thought processes is a voucher for 30% off a second pair.
However, 30% off a lot still leaves a lot, and we don’t have a lot of cash to spare.
I can tweak quite a bit off mine though by not having the transitions so might get away with a second pair for around £100. That’s doable over the next couple of months and my voucher is valid for three.
Hubby however would have to be fitted for a pair with his new prescription and choose some frames to suit. That could be around £60, the cost of his last pair, because his lenses are single strength not varifocal like mine, and he doesn’t have transitions as he has a pair of those clip on sunglasses.
So tomorrow, after his INR blood test, it looks like we’re off for a field trip to get sorted.

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28 Responses to Second Sight…………………

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    I can’t believe the cost of frames and prescriptions. It really is outrageous.

  2. I’ve always just used my old pair as backups. I found boots optical department much easier on the pocketbook!

    • My previous pairs have been from Boots and I’ve been very pleased. However, we moved and the staff have changed at the branch we used last time and they are not so nice or efficient. We have managed to find our lovely optician who used to work for Boots so are well chuffed about that. My old pair are badly scratched and a different prescription now though they could be used in an emergency. I’ve found two other pairs and the frames are good, but everything is blurry, so they are at least 5 years old as one is from an optician I used when we were first on the boat in 2014!

  3. Suze says:

    try an online glasses provider like or both sell glasses at affordable prices. I bought four pair of bifocals from Zenni for under 70.00 American dollars. worth a look.

  4. MoneySavingExpert.Com have cheap glasses deals every so often. A few weeks back I got a spare pair of reading glasses for £26.

    • Hubby can pick up reading glasses for between one and four pounds (honest!).
      My problem is my eyes are not the same, I tend to look slightly off centre with my right eye and I have a problem with bright sunlight. The varifocals suit me so that I don’t have to have two pairs (reading and distance) and I can’t get on with bifocals. If I spread the cost over three years since my last pair, it’s not bad art all for what I have. It just hits hard all in one go, Next time, I shall be quids in as I will get my state pension in 2022 and that’ll all be gravy on our budget!

  5. Sadje says:

    They are really steep prices. But a spare is a must.

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