Getting smart meters: Update

Well we had our first full bill on the new tariff and smart meters today.
You may remember this post and my follow up

Our little gizmo is similar to the one in the centre and lives in the kitchen as that’s where most of the energy gets used. At the push of a button you can see how much energy you’re using, how much it’s costing per hour and how much you’ve spent on just electric, just gas or your combined energy. Very pretty, very informative, and when I’ve got the microwave, kettle, cooker and washing machine on, the red bar is doing the can-can.
Seriously, I have to admit it is a good tool to keep on top of your energy usage. Through it, we discovered the ceiling lights in our bathroom and kitchen were energy guzzlers using 50 watts each so they have all been changed to those that consume 5 watts. That’s a big difference when there are seven of them.
Since installation, I have continued to read our meters every week as normal. My diary shows our usage is as expected, with the gas fluctuating more than the electricity because of the time of year. If I’ve done extra washing or used the oven more, this is reflected in our week to week readings and so far nothing has been untoward or dodgy.
I downloaded our bill and scrutinised it carefully, checking the readings from last time, our balance carried forward, and comparing the current readings with what I’d taken yesterday.
Although we owe a few pounds, we have a payment due to go in shortly so this will more than cover it. The recommendation is that our current regular payments are on track for the year. Looking back to the Summer last year they refunded us with £73 which had been building up in the kitty ready for winter, so we had to start again from scratch.
The figures are good though, and I’ve put them into my own spreadsheet which tallies with their figures and charges.

Our bill has a little graph on it that shows our daily electricity consumption is less overall than last year, though our gas is slightly more.  This is it, honestly, so you can see we are  low energy users.
The winter was extremely mild last year and we’ve had some really cold days (and nights) recently so I’m not surprised. The daily gas figure looks pretty horrific but at less than 4p a Kwh, it’s not exactly expensive!
All in all though my 2020/21 budget is spot on and for us, that’s what’s important.

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5 Responses to Getting smart meters: Update

  1. Liz says:

    Thank you for giving an update on your meters.

    • When we had to have them to get a cheaper fixed tariff, I said I would keep my readers updated. I don’t like change, but this has worked out OK for us after all.

      • Liz says:

        I am like you, in not liking change. My fixed tarif comes to an end near end if Feb, so unless I want some other fixed tarif, I will be on a variable one which for me is the cheapest.

      • We worked it out and a variable tariff was more expensive for us. Ours is fixed until Sept 2021.

  2. blindzanygirl says:

    I don’t like change either!

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