Heath check

It has been a really good day today in respect of eye health.
Having managed to locate our lovely optician from before buying the boat, we both had eye tests today.
As we are over 60 and NHS patients, our tests are frree,  though if we had to have a second in a year that denoted no change in vision, we would probably have to pay, currently between £20 and £30 but you can get one for £10 in some outlets.

Hubby’s eyes are good and he doesn’t need a change of prescription. Actually, he had new glasses last year so it was good to know his eyes hadn’t changed. He wears one strength for distance and another for close work, but luckily his eyes are pretty well balance and for close work he can get away with a cheap pair from the discount stores for less than a fiver.

I’m not so lucky and as usual nothing matches.
I guessed I would need new glasses this time as the ones I’m wearing are 3 years old, the lenses badly scratched and I can’t focus on things………… like the dartboard when chalking.
I have varifocals having grown tired of taking my single strength glasses off every time I wanted to read and putting them back on again to watch a DVD. This was a real pain if I was writing to Mum with a film in the background as they were on and off my nose faster than a flashing belisha beacon.
I also need a tint as my eyes are quite weak against sunlight, plus transitions/photogrey/reactalight or whatever they call them now where they darken in bright light.
Naturally this all bumps the price up.

My budget was £250, allowing for inflation since my last pair were £185. I have been squirreling away the funding since October. Whilst Hubby was being paperworked, I looked at the array of frames on offer and had to ask if the prices included lenses. The tags were for frames only and my heart missed a beat as that was 70% of my budget gone.
Oh well, we could always take our prescriptions elsewhere and save a bit of money.
The assistant told me not to worry as they had ranges to suit every budget so I relaxed.

Our optician hasn’t changed since we last saw her almost 7 years ago. As efficient, pleasant and professional as always, we talked about anything and everything, putting the world to rights as she punched my data into her computer.
As expected, my prescription needed tweaking, though there was some excellent news in that there is no sign of diabetes and my eyes are very healthy indeed.
The official diabetic screening guy said something along similar lines, so this is good as it means whatever I am doing is working and I won’t need medication for something I don’t actually have anymore. However, I am still going to look after myself as if I do.

I was shown a terrific selection of frames well within my price range and have settled on a pair pretty similar to what I wear now. They should be ready in about 10 days and I get a free bottle of cleaner (my current one is best before June 2017 so that probably explains why it isn’t doing the job anymore) which, when empty, is refilled free of charge. Now that in itself is worth a fiver a time.
I have also kept within my budget (just) so am well pleased with the day’s expenditure.

To cap the day off, I went to SW tonight for weigh in and am the same weight as I was before Christmas, so still within target with a bit of leeway just in case.
I am therefore one very happy bunny.

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15 Responses to Heath check

  1. Must admit I get the prescription then buy them online. It’s a bit hit and miss though. Waiting for some prescription reading glasses to come, Only paid £28 for them.

    • Good for you. I don’t know if this would work for me though, but I do budget accordingly and as \hubby didn’t need specs this year, we are, as they say, quids in!

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    Excellent news all around!! Congratulations!!

  3. All really good news!

  4. Carol Anne says:

    Di, hats wonderful news! Well done on your new glasses, and the mainaining at sw! Well I know your in arget, but staying within target is awesome! Well done you! ❤

  5. Well done on your weight maintenance, that is excellent over the Christmas period. Glasses are a fortune. I know as everyone in my house has glasses. Michael also has these special multifocals which our medical aid won’t pay for so I have to foot the bill at GBP600 just for him.

  6. jenanita01 says:

    Always glad to read that someone had a good day, and good results for your eyes, Di…

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