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Weight gain aside, we had a little food exercise last night at class and were divided into four groups. Each was given a task in respect of the Christmas festivities potential food intake and had to allocate syn values accordingly. If there were points for the most, we won hands down, but no prize, edible or otherwise, shucks.
The tasks were:
Christmas Day menu on plan.
Christmas Day menu off plan
New Year’s Eve party buffet on plan
New Year’s Eve party buffet off plan.

I was in group 4.
It was interesting to see what everyone came up with.
Loads of veg with your Christmas dinner filled the plate without adding syns, and all three meals resulted in a total syn value of 12. Bearing in mind we are allowed 15 a day that was pretty damn good going, but there were a lot of SW recipes in play, yet overall, it would have been a very Merry Christmas though I didn’t much like the sound of the alternative Christmas Pudding (no brandy sauce, but yogurt) made with a cereal of sorts which you soak before using.
Off plan was much more my style and loaded, though I noticed no-one on either team had allowed for those little nibbles like chocolates, turkish delight and chocolate brazils, or crisps and peanuts. All the lovely yummy stuff traditionally cooked in fat, pigs in blankets, yorkshire puds, a glass of bucks fizz with your dinner, trifle, mince pies and Christmas pudding hit a whopping 176 syns for the entire day.
Team three had a varied buffet, again with a lot of SW improvisation and alternatives, but you wouldn’t have gone hungry. There were a few things that we’d tried in our tasting sessions that didn’t appeal personally, but their buffet totalled 41 syns, so still well over the daily allowance, but for the occasion, acceptable to a degree.
Come to team four and the girls were determined to have a good time. We diligently looked up all our Syn values and weights, so portion sizes were 25g for things like crisps and Christmas Cake (a sneeze and it would be on the floor as it’s not much), 100g for others, but anyone coming to our party would have seen the table laden with cheesecake (guess who suggested that??), sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, vol au vents, quiche, sandwiches, coleslaw, pork pie, pizza slices, scotch eggs, cheesestraws, breadsticks, crisps, and an array of drinks including gin, egg nog, sherry and lager. Provided you stuck to the relevant weight/portion size and only had one of everything, you could merrily tot up 190.5 syns.

It was a good exercise, and it showed just how easily things can get away from you when you’re trying to keep your diet under control, but also what alternatives you can substitute with a little bit of imagination and SW tips.

I came away cold and hungry, so had two cups of tea when I got home and a plate of cheese and crackers. No, I did not weigh or count anything as I was starting again today. No cheesecake though (sigh)


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  1. Sadje says:

    Holidays are the hardest test of our will power.

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    Yep, we always have to be on our guard, thinking and planning ahead. Iโ€™m convinced thatโ€™s the key to weight loss and maintenance. That and budgeting the things we like that we know are the very things we should not eat. Definitely easier said than done sometimes.

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