The Flu Jab saga gets better

I’ve mentioned our wondrous surgery on a number of occasions but these past couple of days they have excelled themselves.
You may recall they were unable to give us our flu jabs because they’d run out of vaccine for the under 65s and were not doing clinics for this age group the following week when they’d specifically told us to ring/come in and make an appointment.

The phone rang and it was the surgery wanting to speak to Hubby. He was out, so I asked if I could take a message. The woman on the other end said no, she had no authority, yet Hubby had instructed them over the phone the day before to talk to me. Nope, had to have it in writing and could he ring the surgery, but it as non urgent. They closed at 6.30 and this was 6.10.
Hubby got back at 6.12 and called straight away. Put on hold……. for ages.
So we got in the car and drove up there, arriving at 6.20, still on hold.
Two receptionists making outward calls, not taking them.
Hubby explained why he was there and it turns out that………………………
He was being invited to have a flu jab.

I laid into the receptionist with verbal fists flying saying if she’d deigned to tell me that over the phone, I could have told her we’d had them.
Oh, she was a professional……….. used to people going for the jugular of incompetence and took me to task for my attitude. Sucking in my breath, I told her that we had to go elsewhere because they could not accommodate us and I was due for surgery next week.
Hubby took over, taking the fight out of me. He asked the girl to check their records for consent for them to talk to either of us about the other as we’d filled out the forms when we’d registered with them in 2017. No record of it, so I asked if we could fill them in now.
I apologised and said that things were a little strained just now (you think??) and obviously she wasn’t to know (they never read notes….. I’ll come back to that in a minute).

Forms duly completed and signed by both (and return of their pen) they should now be able to talk to either one of us, or leave messages. A result there then…….. hopefully.
We told them that we had both had our flu jabs on the 16th, and where, and notes were duly made on our files.
Thank you very much, have a nice evening, sorry again and sod off under your stone kind of thing.

I had a phone call this evening at 6.10 inviting me to have a flu jab.
Thought I’d throw this in as it’s quite handy. I’ve only had flu once since knowing Hubby and it hit me in a couple of hours like a ten ton truck and was off work for a week.

I was livid but held on to my temper, saying we’d been in last night and notes had been made that we’d had our jabs elsewhere. When asked where, I told her, and the date, inwardly seething that they either hadn’t put a note on our file afterall, or this shift hadn’tย  read any additions to their script of making calls inviting people to have said jabs.
Nearly everyone we’ve spoken to about the damn things have said they’ve gone to the pharmacy because the GP surgery can’t do it. In my book, that means they are up the creek with loads of vaccine but no patients.

It is VERY unlike me to have a go at someone who is simply doing their job, but this situation could have been avoided. Hubby and I have the same surname, so why wasn’t I called yesterday like he was? That could also have saved time, patience, and money.
I am not afraid to apologise when in the wrong, and yeah, maybe I was out of order, but I’m fed up with these Hitlerist receptionists who only seem to want to make you an appointment when it suits them, not when it’s needed!

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42 Responses to The Flu Jab saga gets better

  1. Sadje says:

    Very slip shod of them.

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    Itโ€™s unbelievable how incompetent they are. If sheโ€™d been dealing with me, theyโ€™d have had to pry my fingers off her neck.

  3. Very frustrating. You were nice enough to apologize. I hope they apologized too.

  4. colonialist says:

    This lot are most definitely NOT doing their jobs. Thank heaven for our family GP who sorts out hassles from any more impersonal places here, and for those places being far more professional anyway.

  5. Liz says:

    I would have been frustrated with that too. Shocking that you had to fill in forms to say you give permission for them to speak to the other half and not even being able to discuss a flu jab. Yet I don’t live with my mumm and because my doctor at the time a few months back did not observe their records for preference how I would like to be contacted, phoned my mum! Something I wasn’t expecting and did not want them to do. So I took her phone number off my records and complained in writing about that.

  6. SarahC says:

    My my you do have fun lol….well upside entertaining thinking of u attacking the staff well you know what I mean.
    Makes me so thankful for our present clinic….which well miss when we move next yr. ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜

  7. Itโ€™s staggering. Our Family GP has become a healthcare supermarket really. More interested in quantity rather than quality

  8. jenanita01 says:

    Receptionists are a breed apart (and most of them should be shot!)

  9. barbtaub says:

    Grrr… I hate to hit the “Like” button when WP really should have an “I feel your pain” button.

  10. Sue Vincent says:

    I would have been livid too! Not as if you are already under stress or anything… grrr….

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