Technology? Pah!!

Hubby had an early eye appointment today so we were up with the lark as it was a 35 mile drive and we wanted to miss the traffic/rush hour.
As is always the case if we have to be up early, I don’t sleep well always fearful of not hearing the alarm or sleeping late, so I’ve been awake since 5.30 having catnapped all night.
We therefore arrived well over an hour ahead of his appointment time, but luckily the coffee shop was open so it was a bacon roll and coffee to ‘pass the time’.

His diagnosis is straightforward and there is nothing wrong with the tear ducts that would warrant surgery (hurrah!) with treatment being self administered. Armed with eye wipes, eye wash and baby shampoo, we now have all the ingredients to bathe his eyes and stimulate the tear ducts to make him cry. I could have smashed him in the face and it would have had the same result, but this is less painful.

Getting out the car park was not so straightforward, and my fist was just itching to smash something.
They have introduced the ‘Smart Eye’ system which recognises your car number plate on entry and thus tells you how much you have to pay when you are ready to leave.
The machine ate my money…………….and said I still owed.
We hit the reject button and eventually it coughed up £1.70 of the £1.90 I’d put in.  The guy using the machine to my left was also having problems as it wasn’t registering his money either.
We had another go, and the pound coin didn’t want to drop, so I helped it on its way with a 50p. Up to £1.70 and it said I owed 50p of the £1.90 charge. Reject coins again and I got back what I’d put in plus the missing 2 X 10 pences. We did this three more times and the lady on my left was now having issues of dosh eating but not registering. She flashed her phone at it and bingo, I hit the jackpot and got a refund!

Meanwhile, the slot machine on the right had finally accepted their money and given them change of £1.10 which they hadn’t put in in the first place.
We moved across to theirs. The pound coin stuck and got poked up the arse with a twenty pence piece. I waited for the penny twenty to drop then put in another 20p and finally 50p for the £1.90 charge.
Hubby had gone inside to report the problems ensuing at the gambling machines and a little man came out with a big key to look at the mechanisms of all three. No prizes for three lemons.
Surprise surprise. None of them were accepting 10p pieces, despite it saying so on the label. Neither did any of the machines give change, so if you didn’t have the right money, you were stuffed and out of pocket.
Of course you can always use the app on your phone or your bank card.
No thanks. A sledgehammer works far better.


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11 Responses to Technology? Pah!!

  1. quiall says:

    And we still love technology?

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    Grrrr! Life used to be so much easier. I’m surprised your experience trying to pay for your parking today didn’t make your hubby cry — with frustration. Have you tried having him chop an onion? My eyes start tearing with the first slice. I’ve tried everything — letting the water run, lighting a candle, wearing sun glasses. Nothing stops it.

    • Sadly this doesn’t work at the moment as there seems to be some build up of natural ‘gunk’ in the way which can be sorted with drops, wipes and baby shampoo solution. The latter seems a bit ass about face as it’s ‘no more tears’. LOL

  3. Technology can be a pain in the rear end, I’ll agree. The same thing happened to me a long time ago, where I paid the meter at a parking lot, it ate my money with no problem bu the gate stayed fixed in place. One of their fake cops came over and demanded me to pay him the fee again… I told him I had, we ended up in an argument. When I said I wanted his supervisor, he opened the gate for me. he just wanted me to pay so he could pocket. Jerk!

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