Energy bust!

Waiting for me in my email box today was a message from our energy supplier confirming our product changes, you know the usual blurb about checking the new contract tariff details, commencement date, small print and monthly payments. Everything was looking good and tied in with what The Smart Man had told us.
It has been quite interesting watching the little gizmo chuntering along at 11 watts and an hourly cost of 1p, then put the kettle on and it whumps up to 2.25 kw and 38p an hour. With the coloured sections we can see when we are being extravagant and you can even set up a line for a budget plan should you so wish.
As expected, the washing machine and cooker are flashers as is the microwave, but overall, there were no surprises……………. well, maybe one…………. or seven.
Some years ago, it was all the rage to have halogen downlighters in places like kitchens and bathrooms. When we turned our kitchen lights on, the gizmo rocketed by 270 watts, and when we did the same in the bathroom, it went up by 155 watts.
It therefore made sense to replace the halogens with mains powered LEDs which have a life expectancy of 25,000 hours and generate just 5 watts each but are the equivalent of 50w bulbs.
So, for an outlay of some £17 for 10 bulbs, we will save a few pennies, and in turn pounds.

The thing that caught my attention was the assumed annual energy consumption which quite honestly had my head in a spin and my anxiety rocketed.
According to the gumph, they assumed 3100 Kwh of electricity and 12,000 Kwh of gas.

Ahem……………….. I don’t think so.

Luckily for me (and them) I read my meters every week and have kept my diaries, so when I phoned them up and spoke to a very nice American young man called Martin (who has a westie by the way, and NO, I did not ask and have no idea how that crept into the conversation actually), I asked if he wanted a laugh.
He said he could do with one on a Friday afternoon, so I drew his attention to that particular section on the contract and said that for the past year our electricity consumption was 1107 Kwh, and our gas just over 515 m³ which converts to 5783 Kwh.
He checked on our account and could see that my figures were pretty accurate, giving by his records 1072 Kwh of electricity and 516.2 m³ of gas which converts to 5793 Kwh.
We confirmed our monthly payment and the split of £25 for gas and £21 for electricity should be ample to cover our bills.

He gave me a little tale about a lady who had rung up about her gas consumption having something like 200,000 Kwh as an assumed usage. The joke was she had no gas to her property at all!
That actually made me feel better, and I think we’re not going to notice a lot of difference in our bills, which is of course a HUGE relief!
Time will tell and I’ll let you know more when we have our first bill after the changeover which is due next month.


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