Editing the diet

Diet has two other personalities, EDIT and TIDE.
I used to be good at anagrams for crossword puzzles and also enjoyed the TV show Countdown on C4 many years ago as it was letters and numbers, plus a conundrum as the final round.

I often say that DIET is a four letter word, adding CAKE or more sensibly important FOOD.
Just a little observation recently though.

The tide of frustration turned when I reached my target in July and I wear my badge with pride………. well actually it’s attached to my SW bible on the coffee table in front of the fruit bowl as a constant reminder that I DID IT!
I dipped below the parameters a couple of weeks later to discover that the target I’d actually achieved hadn’t been adjusted accordingly on record, so that was immediately rectified and I have stayed within that revised six pound boundary ever since.

I found it hard having extra As and Bs every day and also the potential of doubling my syns two or three times a week, so I’ve been experimenting to find my own way of keeping things under control without becoming obsessive about it.
I tried having a ‘day off’ which was Tuesday after weigh in day and allowing for the darts supper, but that ended up stretching into Wednesday and Thursday, so I kicked that into touch and still had time to salvage the results of any naughtiness before weigh in.
More recently, I opted for a treat once or twice a week thus taking advantage of the extra syns permitted, though as to how many is difficult to judge if I’m honest. So far, so good.

Last week, little tickets were on our seats with a tick box for Monday or Tuesday.
It would appear there has been mention of moving our group meeting to a Tuesday, which although attainable for me, corresponds with my darts night and I wouldn’t be able to stay for the chat and tips I find interesting and useful. Our consultant is happy for either day.
I overheard several members saying that Tuesday would suit them better as it gave them an extra day to get over any bingeing or drinking over the weekend.
We’ll find out this week as we celebrate 50 years of Slimming World with a tasting session.

There are groups I could attend on a Wednesday and talking to one of the girls last week who was playing their rescheduled match , two are held in the morning and two in the evening at the same times as the one I go to on Mondays.
Apparently the early morning session is mostly young Mums, the majority of which have weigh in and then stand/sit and chat smoking their heads off outside whilst waiting for their kids at nursery school. Complaints have been made by later SW attendees who have had to walk through their smog so they now have another entrance door.
The later sessions are taken by a different consultant and aren’t that well attended, though it was suggested this was due to holidays and being the summer. Several people who are joining our Monday group were originally signed on for Wednesday but have lost confidence in their consultant who does not seem to practice what she preaches.
At the moment I am happy to walk to my meeting for 5.30 on a Monday and Hubby collects me at 7pm. However, walking in the opposite direction into town on a Wednesday is not only further, but a different kettle of fish as no matter which way I go, there are some dodgy areas at night, though of course I could take the car.

I hope it stays with Monday, but if not, I shall have to see how things go.


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13 Responses to Editing the diet

  1. Just when you settle in, things change. I had that with the gym I went to although the change turned out to be better for me. Hope they have it at a good time for you. It’s been very helpful for you.

    • I’m happy with the consultant we have who has just come off maternity leave, had chemo following breast cancer, and is an active member of our group as well as our leader. The consultant who was standing in for her is expecting a baby in a few weeks and also a member of our group. It’s like family in a way.

  2. Sadje says:

    I am fighting a perpetual battle with my weight. It goes off and creeps back in.

  3. fransiweinstein says:

    What a drag. I hope it stays on Mondays for you. The meetings are working for you and while your success is mostly due to you, some of it is the leader and the other women in your group. The dynamic is a good one for you.

  4. Paula Light says:

    It’s weird ~ I found it easier to lose weight than to maintain. Losing meant that I watched everything all the time and that was just the way of things. The scale went down slowly and all was good. Since I’ve been maintaining these last several years, it’s been frustrating. Up and down constantly. When I go down a bit, I have a tiny treat and then I zoom up. What? From one thing? It’s annoying. Then start again to lose two before a problem starts. Rinse, repeat. I wish I didn’t have to think about it all the damn time!

    • A lot of people are saying this Paula. I weigh myself every day (some people say not to) but I can keep a check on it then and have my official weigh in once a week. I’m allowed three pounds either side of my target which gives me a six pound window so the going up and down isn’t an issue unless it goes too mad then i can revert back to basics. Sadly though you’re right and we have to think of it all the time.

  5. Is an SW bible from the South West?

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