Fibbing Friday: 13th September: my answers

As promised, here are my answers to the questions I posted earlier.
If flower seeds give us flowers and tomato seeds give us tomatoes, what does bird seed give us?
Cheep food and an earful of worms.

How do you make a cat flap?
Take away its dinner

Why is Friday 13th considered unlucky?
The superstition goes back to Western times when showdowns always seemed scheduled for a Friday. Guns were only 6 shooters so if your two guns ran out of bullets and your opponents didn’t,  you were toast.

When is the Witching Hour?
This is actually a typo as it was the Watching Hour when Mums could leave their kids in front of the TV and have a much needed kip.

Are familiars always cats?
Witches preferred cats because they were easier to transport on their broomsticks as dogs don’t have such a good sense of balance. The modern day witch is more than likely to have a parrot if they want talkative company or goldfish if they prefer solitude.

Where did McDonald’s originate? ***
On a farm in E-i-e-i-o.
*** Lots of farm answers I see………….. LOL

What was the first thing Sleeping Beauty said when roused from sleep by her prince?
Either ‘What kept you and where’s my breakfast?’ or ‘I preferred the Frog.’

What’s the difference between a sink and a basin?
It depends how far apart they are in the house.

Why does the wind howl?
Because some a***hole broke it.

Why do we say swinging the lead?
In the days when fly fishing used lead weights, everybody ducked when the line was cast rather than risk getting donked on the head. Thus the saying originated when people wanted to duck their responsibility in the workplace.

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