Vet visit 29th August

After a good night’s sleep, even though she got me up at 12.35 desperate for a wee and performed as soon as I opened the gate, we were up early.
I walked Maggie round the block before breakfast and she was moving much better, though still a little stiff.
As I settled down to my cereal and morning cuppa I felt like the wicked witch as those brown soulful eyes pleaded with me for something to eat.
Our appointment was 11am, so we allowed ourselves time to walk around the picnic area on the way so that Maggie could do any business.
With plenty of time to spare on arrival, we let Maggie have a sniff round the grounds and the vet came out to watch her movement. It was the lady vet we’ve seen before, and we had a good chat as she examined her on the table. She was very thorough and gentle, manipulating the limbs just as her colleague had done yesterday. There is still some good movement in her back legs, and it is her left elbow that is causing the main problem, though there is the beginnings of arthritis in both shoulders.

Basically, the vet was unhappy to put her under for  X-rays which would only tell us what we already know. We talked about treatments available, including injections into the joints which would encourage tissue growth, but she explained this was usually better for dogs younger than Maggie as the regenerative process would be more successful. It was also a little on the expensive side, but one thing we do like about this vets surgery is that they put the animal first, not profit.
We talked about NSaids such as the metacam we are using now that is working, and  supplements like glucosomine which we are also giving her daily.
As what we are doing is giving her relief, we are to continue with the metacam for the next five days, walk her at her pace to exercise the joints, and keep on with the glucosomine.
When that ceases to work, then they can give her steroids.
Our concern has always been the side effects that long term use of metacam or the similar loxicam which is now preferred can have on her kidneys. We have agreed that they will do a blood test in 6 months to check that, and if necessary every 6 months depending on how often we have to use it.
The total bill was a modest £15 as we already have the necessary medication.
Had we gone to the other vet (they who could do nothing about the lump in her mouth which this vet removed and there has been no reoccurance) , we would have been more than £200 worse off as they would have charged us £38 for the consultant appointment yesterday, £150 – £180 for the X rays, and a further consultancy charge today.

We went into town for some lunch, sharing it of course with Maggie for being such a good girl,  then came home and gave her breakfast with her glucosomine and metacam dose in it and a generous grating of cheese.
We’ve had another walk since and her movements are definitely more fluid, but she does stiffen up after resting, just like we do.
If we have any more concerns though, we’re to phone the vet and they’ll have another look at her.


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42 Responses to Vet visit 29th August

  1. Sadje says:

    That’s great. Hope she keeps on improving.

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Poor Maggie, arthritis is no joke, but I am so glad you have found a good vet to look after her…and not just their own invoice.

  3. You have a good vet. When I took Hazel to the emergency vet in December, the total cost of exam, x-rays and euthanasia was well over $800 and I went home without my baby. My usual vet would not take her because it was a holiday and the vet wouldn’t be staffed the next day. She expected that they would keep Hazel for evaluation but sadly the x-rays showed a really sad story. So glad that Maggie is doing so well. I’m stiff after resting too and get cranky when I can’t have my breakfast on time so I’d say she’s doing as well as I am! (Although I go to the bathroom myself during the night!) Hugs!

  4. colinandray says:

    Poor Maggie. Good job she has you “guys” looking out for her! 🙂

  5. fransiweinstein says:

    Glad to hear Maggie is improving. My knees and back give me all sorts of trouble so I certainly know he she’s feeling. You are so lucky to have found this Vet. The ones who are really in it for the love of animals are few and far between.

  6. colonialist says:

    Overall, pretty good news.

  7. I’m glad you’ve managed to find a great vet. I hope Maggie’s condition keeps getting better and better. ❤️

  8. Liz says:

    Good to hear of improvement and that you have a vet that doesn’t think of their wallet first.

  9. I’m really pleased for you and for Maggie. And glad you have a competent, caring vet to go to. Take care of that beautiful girl. She’s so precious! ❤

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