Tale Weaver – #238 – Pests – 29th August

Michael’s brief this week:

We find them in many aspects of life.

As a teacher I encountered a few in my classrooms.

In summer we use the word to describe the flies we have to deal with.

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Hate them, especially when they invade the house.
We were watching TV and noticed a dark mark on my nets. Then saw it was moving and it was a colony of ants climbing up them from the base of the window.
That was the first time we had a problem, and our investigation showed a nest directly under the brickwork upon which the large picture window was seated.

We didn’t mind them outside where they belonged, but not indoors.
In the cottage, we had umpteen red ants nests in the back lawn. It was fascinating to watch them running around protecting the eggs whenever they were disturbed, and the blackbirds had a feast.
We had them indoors there too. Marching across the beams on the ceiling this time, coming up on the outside wall and under the eaves. Our walls were sixteen inches or so thick with no cavities in the main building, it having been built in 1847.
The little pests were getting in the bathroom through the air bricks as there were cavities in those walls, being one of the extensions. We puffed ant powder at them and they all looked like six legged brides.

When we decorated the front bedroom and removed the skirting board, there was an old nest behind it some four feet long and three inches high. As I said, it was old and got hoovered up and disposed off. More ant powder just in case.

But still they marched on in. Coming up through the floor as there were no foundations and the concrete slabs hadn’t been sealed.
We discovered the joys of Deflac, an aerosol that you spray on the entry site and it stops them. We used two cans that first week, but didn’t have a problem.

Obviously we didn’t have them on the boat, but we did have them here!!!
My kitchen worktop, the NEW worktop, was running amok with them!  We couldn’t see where they were coming in, and finally checked the outside water meter cupboard where we discovered a tell tale hole into the property. That has now been sprayed, puffed and filled, as has the hole for the waste pipe from the sink and pipe to the outside tap.

Hate them.

I found this image for another post, but Hubby has since read an article for more natural remedies to deter them and come up with dried chrysanthemum petals. We have some in a box with airholes by the front door, and so far, so good!

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5 Responses to Tale Weaver – #238 – Pests – 29th August

  1. colonialist says:

    I must try those dried petals. So far the only things to discourage ants have been horribly toxic, and I hate using them. Cockroaches are a different matter; there we have a harmless (to us and pets) mix that has them waggling legs in air in no time!

  2. Sadje says:

    Yup, they are a nuisance alright.

  3. Michael says:

    Great post Di. It seems no matter where you live ants find a way in. I have the same issues here. Thanks for adding your thoughts on pests this week.

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