Utility Bill on the Up

At the moment, we are on a fixed rate tariff with our energy supplier which is working out exceedingly well and we are bang on budget.
This is due to expire at the end of October and unless we arrange otherwise, we will be put on their standard variable tariff. This is actually one of the most expensive in the country, so you can imagine I do not want that to happen!
I had an email requesting meter readings today, and decided to phone the company as it’s ‘their 10p’ regardless of how long I’m on hold as it’s an 0800 number and thus free.
After the initial tedious jargon, I was put through to an operative in a couple of minutes.
I gave her my readings, then asked about alternative tariffs.
Apparently they cannot give us details until nearer the time that our existing one expires which is fair enough, so I’ve made a note on the wall calendar to ring them at the beginning of October.
In the meantime, Hubby has been looking things up and I’ve been calculating.

On our present readings, we are well on target and will have a substantial lump in the kitty going into the winter months. I usually allow a 10% increase in the budget, but out of curiosity, I ran the readings with a potential new fixed rate tariff.

The gas price per Kwh is currently 3.706p with a standing charge of 14.4p per day.
The potential gas price is 4.17375p per Kwh with a standing charge of 14.637p per day, so I’m quite happy with that as the increase is reasonable.
Not so with electric.
Currently we are paying 13.48p per Kwh with a daily standing charge of 15.19p.
On the same tariff, this goes up to 17.682p per Kwh and 15.8235p standing charge.
That’s way more than 10% for each unit used and a little worrying, though I am aware that prices have increased significantly over the past eighteen months or so, and our rate was fixed two years ago.

Running the numbers on the readings just submitted on the new tariff, there’s a difference of some £17 over 103 days. Our electric is pretty stable at around 22 Kwh per week, but our gas is minimal now because of the time of year and in the winter we can use up to 30Kwh a week to keep cosy at 18º.

I’d already decided to increase our monthly payment to cover the hike, but I’m wondering if what I’d intended will be enough. The figures look good at the moment, but we shall see what’s available, and for how long, nearer the time.
Watch this space……………….


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29 Responses to Utility Bill on the Up

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Why does everything fo up but income? Geez!

    • Our income is almost certainly going to reduce by around a quarter, so I’ve got to be extra careful now. We do intend to appeal if it does though.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        Wow, that’s a lot. I’d be appealing too.

      • According to the media, the average household income is some £28,500. Our joint works pensions are a quarter of that and as we don’t qualify for a state pension until 2021 and 2022, things are tight. Losing the mobility benefit would hit us hard.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        Can you appeal that if you lose it?

      • If the decision goes against us we plan to appeal on the grounds that the assessor didn’t once touch on the subject why Hubby was on disability in the first place and she had no medical knowledge whatsoever. Hubby was also high on pain meds for the trip there. It’s ridiculous that being in constant pain 24/7 counts for nothing on their tick list. We have documentation from experts and professional consultants confirming that nothing can be done, and the previous disabled entitlement letter states that he should be on it indefinitely.
        We’re not asking for handouts as we can manage on what is coming in if this payment continues.
        We’re still waiting to hear the outcome, which may come next week.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        Bureaucrats might as well be robots. In fact with the advancements they are making in artificial intelligence these days, a robot would probably have done a better job with this assessment. I am sending positive thoughts your way.

      • Thanks Fransi. At least as long as we’re waiting the payment continues,( though I’m not spending it and working my budget without it)

      • fransiweinstein says:


  2. I hope it works out for you. Our electricity went sky high this past bill to excessive heat for July in Florida.

    • Ours has risen by three Kwh this week because we’ve had the fans going.

      • A/c and fans 24/7 here.

      • I got into the habit of reading our meter on a regular basis when we were in the cottage. I found out a baking session cost us 1 kwh, a wash load 1 kwh and a shower 1kwh, so we averaged out at around 5 kwh per day. A neighbour was stunned as his worked out at 26kwh per day! They did have a young family though so the washer and dryer was used every day, as was their dish washer. Plus they had 4 TVs and 2 stereo systems left on stand by! Here we average around 3 as our shower isn’t electric and I use the oven once or twice a week.

      • If it’s an oven, I try to use my toaster oven. I also use an Instant pot. I do 1 load, of whites, and 1 colors a week. As we live in Florida they are 30 second showers, apart from a long one when washing my hair. Hubby unfortunately leaves everything plugged in, and on.

      • Ah, the men in our life. We love them don’t we………. I’m lucky with mine, he goes round switching everything off!!
        I was queen of the two pan dinner on the boat, and still do the same here. I’ve got a microwave and we love the pressure cooker in the winter, making up a three day stew.

      • We owned a family restaurant so I cook in bulk, and freeze it.

      • I used to do that years ago when I was raising a family.

  3. Sadje says:

    Hope it fits in your budget

  4. Tara R. says:

    Our utility bill jumped nearly $20 (£16.5) this month. With our horrible hot Florida summer still not at its peak, I fear that bill will continue to rise.

    • Our gas is minimal just now, but will rocket in the winter, though this is all accounted for in the budget. I intended to put our monthly payment up anyway when our fixed tariff finished. I’ve calculated our bill for this quarter and we have a nice credit going into the cooler months. I just hope the utility company don’t decide to refund it as they did last time!

  5. blindzanygirl says:

    It’s a pain in the you know where Di. All these flippin’ Companies too. Drives you bonkers. Yes, the fans lately have put up the electric. I wish the weather would stay stable as well.

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