Headline comment: can you believe it?

I saw this yesterday and shook my head in disbelief (source).

Every bride-to-be wants a day to remember, but I have to ask if this is a legitimate report about someone who has no sense of monetary value, or a wind up for attention press.

Ten thousand pounds could pay for an entire wedding, but obviously exotic surroundings and ‘appearances’ count more than the importance of the ceremony itself as a couple commit themselves to each other for life.
Call me old fashioned, and even as a divorcee on her second marriage, I took my vows very seriously and our wedding day in 1991 was for us, not the world or our relatives to awe at.

Ten thousand pounds per person, and the bride is upset that her sibling simply cannot afford it for herself, let alone her partner and child.
Ten thousand pounds to attend a wedding that seems to lack common sense and practicality for guests, even if there was possibly a short holiday at the same time.
Ten thousand pounds is more than some people earn in a year.

Then you have the parents offering to pay!
Nice thought, and they obviously haven’t got money problems and their other daughter is marrying into money anyway. Talk about how the other half live.
It’s unreal, it’s selfish and it’s cruel, and emphasises that there are many who have no idea about money, assume they can have everything they want, when they want it and where, and that everyone they know can afford to watch.

Of course have a wonderful wedding in paradise if that’s what you want and cost is not an issue. A private affair with a select few who can afford to attend without hardship, and then have a fantastic celebration party for all your friends and family when you get back.

As an aside:
My niece had an exotic wedding attended by both sets of parents and a few friends.
It lasted less than a year, but wow, my sister got to swim with dolphins and at least she didn’t have to foot the bill.

I’m with the sister on this, and the purchase of a house is more practical than someone’s Big Day. Just think of the waste of all those tens of thousands of pounds that lined someone else’s pocket if this one went belly up. No refunds obviously and the credit companies are increasing their shares dividends.

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21 Responses to Headline comment: can you believe it?

  1. Suze says:

    My wedding cost us less than $100.00 american dollars….granted it was in 1985, but even then women were spending a ridiculous amount of money on weddings. My dress, on sale was 38.00, my cake was a gift, my flowers cost 10.89 (yes, I kept the receipts) and were silk so I still have them and they are still beautiful. The preacher got 20.00 and the organist got 10.00. I made the invitations myself out of old greeting cards and tissue paper. Our reception was a gift as well…and was a backyard barbeque.

    • And I bet it was a wonderful day Suze! Good for you and I bet everything was wonderful.
      We got change out of £500 and that included a meal for the 9 of us and our 4 day trip to Amsterdam. I bought my corsage of lilac, pink and mauve silk flowers from a craft shop and made my cake, paying £15 for some sugar craft flowers for the top in the same colours. My sister has never forgiven me as she’d promised her daughters they’d be bridesmaids, but we didn’t want (or need) a big affair. The birds loved us as no confetti was allowed so it was sugar puffs and rice crispies. Our wedding night was hysterical and crunchy, the honeymoon suite being an inside cabin on the ferry with bunk beds!
      This kind of money scares me, not the amount so much, but the fact that the bride thinks everyone can afford it.

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    I wouldn’t have gone if I had the ten thousand pounds. Ridiculous! And way too self-absorbed for me. That is precisely what’s wrong with this world. Greed and inequality. Doesn’t bode well for a successful marriage.

  3. We went to Jamaica after …many years of marriage. That was my first time out of country or even going for more than 2-3 nights away from the kids and with my husband.
    Given that, I was surprised to see people having weddings at the resort. We’d barely made it after years of saving up!

  4. Lakshmi Bhat says:

    Here too the same happens.

  5. Sadje says:

    This is totally insane. You’re right, get a house instead.

  6. IF someone asked me to pay $10,000 dollars to attend their wedding, they could have it without my presence. $10,000 would pay off most of my outstanding bills, plus leave me a little to go on a vacation some year. That woman of the $10,000 ‘fee’ sounds like a spoiled and highly greedy individual. Sad for her groom…

    My niece is getting married in August. The wedding is free, all you must have is a temple recommend (as it will be held in an LDS temple near the groom’s family’s home town). The reception is also free. Good manners dictates that I take a gift, but even if I didn’t, I’d still be welcomed. I feel rather sorry for the bride-zilla of your tale. I doubt anyone admires her choice of wedding.

    • I can;t get my head round the attitude of it Melanie, how she can expect her guests to fork out that kind of money. I just wonder how many guests will actually turn up. £10K would keep us in our house for a year AND with some left over!

    • Oh, and congratulations to your niece. I hope the weather is kind, and wish them every happiness.

  7. John Holton says:

    I think our entire wedding cost less than $2000 (that was almost 42 years ago, so it might be close to $10,000 today, I’m not sure). I don’t see the point of a destination wedding.

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