Come a cropper………….

or sort of.

We like jelly, and thought it would make a nice change for a dessert, so I bought three blocks from the supermarket at 55p each. The last time I bought any I think I got 10 for a pound.
In hindsight, I should have checked the syn value before purchase, as 1 jelly cube (guide 25g and I like them raw) is 3.5 syns, but a 135g block which makes up a pint is 20! OUCH!!!!!!!
Not to be deterred, I thought if I divided it into 4 servings, that equated to 5 each, so not quite so bad. I didn’t have any small dishes, so thought about egg cups, then seeing them, realised they would be too small. I found a set a three glass dishes, but really wanted 4 as it was easier maths! Then I discovered 4 pretty shot glasses for £1 and thought, that’ll do!

Rather than make the jelly and then find it didn’t fit, I filled one glass four times and noted how much capacity it was. Ah, one pint of liquid would have been too much, so I had to think again. I decided to do my 4 and then Hubby could have the rest in a separate dish.

The bowl houses just under half a pint, so about 10 syns. My four are therefore around 2½ each, but I’ll allow 3½ as per the ‘cube’ ratio for my calculations.

Next time, if there is a next time, I shall look out for the ready to eat stuff as a 125g pot has 4 syns, or if I get the low sugar variety, 175g only a half. Even better if I go for sugar free jelly crystals as an 11.5g pack only has 2!

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9 Responses to Come a cropper………….

  1. blindzanygirl says:

    Ooops! You’ll know another time though x

    • I shall enjoy my little glasses and be more savvy. One of the taster recipes a couple of weeks ago used jelly crystals and it was 3 syns for the entire bowl!! Yum! Let me at it!!!!!

  2. You have reminded me how much I loved jelly. Going to pop into Poundland to see if they have some equally cheap glasses.

    • Going to have one portion with some black forest fruit and yogurt for my dessert today, max syns, 4 and a half so well within my quota for the day as I’ve made allowances!!.

  3. Sadje says:

    I like jelly with cream and fruit

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