A lesson in Rice Pudding

Hubby likes cold rice pudding, and in days long past we used to buy two trays (24 cans) for the month as they were something ridiculous like 18p a tin.
Prices like everything else have gone up, and having little storage on the boat, it became something I didn’t buy unless we’d have it that day for dessert.
Now we have cupboard space, I’ve taken to buying three or four cans for him, opting for the low fat variety at 33p a tin.

Doing a top-up shop this week in a different branch of the store, I bought 2 cans, one of which he had today.
The first thing he noticed was it didn’t have a ring pull like the others, and when he opened it, all he could see was liquid.
He put a spoon in and didn’t touch anything solid for a good inch and a half, and that is quite something when you consider the can is only 4 inches high (I’ve just measured it).
Looking at the label, I noticed a banner saying ‘less than 2% fat’, and thought dammit, they’ve changed a perfectly good recipe and keeping costs down by giving you less rice inside.
I had one of the other tins in the cupboard, and compared the Best Before Dates which were both April 2021.
Then I noticed something else: One was ‘Low Fat’, and the other ‘Light’, so different tinned produce, not an upgrade.
Hubby said it was sweeter so I’ve compared labels, which made quite interesting reading.

Photos: Light label

Photos: Low Fat label

I did a comparison chart (below) as the figures might be a bit difficult to read.

In summary, for the same price and a few less calories, fat and sugar, you can ‘enjoy’ a tin of milk with the occasional portion of rice thrown in.
If you’re wondering how much 28 calories (186 less 158) looks like,  1 gingernut biscuit has 46 calories, 1 dried apricot has about 10 calories, 1 Rivercote garlic cracker has 27 calories, and a 20g SW Fruit and Nut Hi-Fi bar has 73 calories (these are the things I have in my cupboard for comparison).
Makes you think………………………………….


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9 Responses to A lesson in Rice Pudding

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Years ago a friend of mine was found to be hypoglycemic. She had to read labels very carefully after that. I couldn’t believe what she learned from doing that.

    • At a slimming group/aerobics class I joined in 1991, our consultant explained about food labels, saying after you check the calories and fat, check out the carbs and sugars, as they were alternative preservatives, so something that was low fat, could have been higher in sugar. I’ve never forgotten it.

  2. It’s gotten where you have to check every little thing – “light” and “low fat” mean nothing apparently. (So now I have to shop with glasses on to read labels. Sigh)
    (OH, didn’t know you cold get rice pudding in cans. Seen it in the cooler next to yogurts, but cans are new to me.)

    • Ours are with the tinned custard (he likes that too, but I buy the just add boiled water variety) I like it too, but don’t have it just now. However, that doesn’t mean to say I won’t treat myself in a few months!

  3. It really does make you think. Interesting post.

  4. Sadje says:

    Reading labels is very necessary!

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