In Contrast, weather, food and council bills

If I hadn’t witnessed the stair rods coming down yesterday, I would not have believed we had such torrential rain over the past 24 hours.
It is a gloriously sunny day today. I have been able to walk the dog without a cardy or coat, and Hubby has also cut the front and back grass because surprisingly at 10.30 it was dry!

This has therefore led to a tip run as we don’t pay extra to our council tax to have a green bin for a fortnightly collection. The charge for this service is currently £40 per annum for 21 collections, so less collections for more which equates to almost £2 a collection compared to the original £1 when the scheme was first implemented almost a 100% increase.
This in turn took us shopping in a main town.
Not that much to get other than fruit., though my fruit sheet is over £50 now (the highest in my spreadsheets for household shopping) which has knocked our weekly food bill up considerably. Next month I am going to have to cut back somewhere as prices are going up all the time and recently I have been throwing more away than eating.
The last lot of bananas in the shops were horrible, though I thought I’d found a decent pack on Saturday. Two days later, two have turned black, and not just on the outside. I got some small greener ones today which should last us the week.
Looking at the salad stuff, I bought a pack of 6 tomatoes on Saturday and had to throw three of them away today. I put the rest in our spaghetti bolognese.
The last iceberg lettuce I bought was rotten in the middle, so I bought a prepared pack today which should last me 2 or 3 days.
I’ve also done a stock take of our freezer and we don’t seem to have eaten much in the way of meat. Oh well, that will save a few quid in July! I’ve got to get to grips with it though.


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10 Responses to In Contrast, weather, food and council bills

  1. Sadje says:

    I have had difficulty in choosing bananas too. If you get ripe ones, they don’t last long and if you get green ones, it takes ages for them to ripen. Cut salads are also better, because you can eat them straight out of the box and they are used.

    • It’s all swings and roundabouts. We tried the ‘ripen at home’, and they stayed rock hard!!!!
      I like the mix in the prepared salads, though sometimes they go slimy after a couple of days so I only buy a small pack. Today’s worked out a lot cheaper than buying singles of everything. Suited my budget!!

      • Sadje says:

        Yes, they are cheaper compared to buying a lot of different things. And works well if only one person is eating them.

  2. scifihammy says:

    The UK is having very extreme weather!
    It’s the same here; food prices just seem to be increasing faster and faster!
    I also got some bananas today – a pack, as the loose ones were off. A tip I read is to separate the bananas once ripe, so that they do not go off too quickly. Apparently they release something that makes them all ripen. Also, if one is the correct ripeness but you aren’t ready to eat it yet, you can put it in the fridge and it won’t get any riper. The skin will go black but the inside will be fine – for a few days anyway.
    I now have bananas all over my kitchen counters – it is very odd! 😀

  3. Nothing worse than buying fruit and veg and finding it going off within a day or so.

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