Wet, but OK

With Wainfleet in Lincolnshire being in the news for heavy flooding, I thought I’d just put a quick post out to let everyone know we are OK.

Five hundred and eighty homes have now been evacuated after the River Steeping burst its banks (note: varying reports differ from being advised, to being told, to actually leaving).
From Wainfleet to where the river goes out to meet the sea is 5.71 kilometres as the crow flies, but if you follow the river itself, it’s 8.1 km.
Similarly, we have the sea about 240 metres (260 yards) away and our flood defences are pretty well maintained, though sometimes when the tide’s in, it can be pretty damn close!

Our town has a minimum elevation of MINUS 2 metres, maximum 28 metres, average 1, and our property is at the highest point on our estate. We are actually 20 miles North of Wainfleet, which is about 24 miles away and three metres above sea level in comparison with a minimum of 2 metres, maximum of 4,  and an average of 3.
Hubby has just checked out a different site and Wainfleet has a lowest point of one metre and highest of seven.

Either way, we are all OK, and at the moment enjoying some very welcome sunshine.



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17 Responses to Wet, but OK

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Glad to hear you are all okay. Our weather is very erratic, rainy and cool as well.
    Also hope the 3 of you are feeling better today.

  2. Sadje says:

    I am glad! Stay safe and dry.

  3. TY, Di, for the info. I did wonder how you were doing since I know you’re somewhere near Skegness and so is Wainfleet.

  4. So appreciate the updates. Rising water and storms are a serious concern when you are around water. We’ve got extreme heat (109 heat index yesterday) and thunderstorms – if it’s not one thing it’s another HaHa
    Thanks for the note – maybe seem strange to non-bloggers, be everyone around here does like to keep up with their friends. Take care

  5. DANG! You stay safe, you hear and keep us posted!! You still have access to that narrow boat? You might need it….

    • We miss the boat Melanie, but we’re OK. Had a torrential downpour this afternoon, but after ten minutes the sun came out, I walked the dog, and the running water in the road was gone by the time I got home.

      • In about 1983 (?) Salt Lake City was flooded out. You can see pictures of the rivers running down 13th South and State Street. They turned the roads into rivers because the sewer systems and water dispersal pipes were inadequate. Well we’re supposed to be a DESERT, who would have thought we’d ever have a flood?! The then governor commissioned and spent lots of our tax dollars on pipes and a system to deal with flooding, and it sits now, in the middle of the salt flats, rusting. The most expensive plumbing job I believe Utah ever saw. He obviously wasn’t re-elected..

      • There are pictures in my blog of the marina in flood both in 2007 (before our time) and in 2015 and 2016. We came close at the cottage though.

  6. blindzanygirl says:

    Great to hear this Di. I have finally caught up with you!

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