FOWC with Fandango — Bargain

I’ve written about this before, but have you ever heard a car salesman cry?
It was 2005, and we had decided to go down to one vehicle, deciding on a diesel Peugeot 206.
There was a special offer on, air conditioning as standard and a price tag of about £12.300. We had 2 small cars less than a year old to put in P/X so that knocked the price down a fair bit, and with discounts and the guy wanting the commission, the bottom line was £4250.
I told him that if he made it a round £4000, I’d write him a cheque (and yes, we could afford it then).
Tappetty tap, tweaking here and there, done deal.
Already the package included free insurance, three years RAC membership, 6 months road tax and services were every two years, the first one of which would be free.
I then asked for a full year’s road tax at no extra cost (OK), a full tank of fuel (yes I think we could do that) and mats (no). He said I could purchase a set of their cheaper mats for just £40, and I quipped that if it was ‘just £40’ he could afford to throw them in too. I got them, and left £200 lighter for a deposit and a date the following week to pick the car up.

The phone was ringing when we got home, and it was the car salesman.
I asked if he’d changed his mind, but he said he was ringing to confirm we’d bought a diesel vehicle. That was when he sobbed that because of that, he had to give us £400 cashback. Bargain: brand new car for £3,600.

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As an aside, I sold the vehicle ten years later with around 39,000 miles on the clock for £1540, so lost only £2100 in depreciation!

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8 Responses to FOWC with Fandango — Bargain

  1. Aweni says:

    That was a bargain on both ends. If only cars still retained that much value… ha.

  2. colonialist says:

    A bargain indeed!
    Reminds me of a visit to South of England some years ago when all the insurance requirements were less ridiculous than they are now and we bought a Vauxhall Carlton shortly after arrival for, I think, something like 200 quid. It was a sheer delight during the three months we were there, and then we sold it at a profit of 20 quid a couple of days before we left!

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