Checking In

The diabetes check in went pretty well. I was seen by the young lassie who saw me last year and who had been dealing with Hubby’s INR for a couple of weeks.
My appointment was at 8.40 and we arrived at the surgery just before 8.30. The sign was up saying the Sit and Wait clinic was full, but the surgery itself was light on patients. The auto logger was working so I punched in my details which told me who I was seeing, when, and where to sit. It also told me I was next!
I am borderline type 2, everything being controlled by diet and the only meds I’m on is Anastrozole for post cancer.
I originally went to be checked for diabetes in 2011, not for any of the above symptoms, but because I was having problems with my feet.  They were checked today and I was surprised that I could not feel very much in my right foot, though I have a strong pulse and the circulation is good in both.
My blood pressure was 140 over 68, so she was quite pleased with that, and I had a good regular pulse.
My blood was a lovely rich red, and is being screened for the whole shebang, including liver and kidneys. I never felt the needle go in, and have barely a mark on my arm.
The weight is up as I expected, half a stone on last year.
The diet has been all over the place, and I have no-one to blame but myself.
Time to give myself another good kick up the backside and get my act together.
I had a terrible night last night, mainly due to reflux (late supper at darts) and pain in my knee, shoulder and neck. The latter two were due to where we were sitting for our darts match and trying to watch the game from an awkward angle. The knee is definitely the weight thing.

The good news is that it tied in with my scales when I weighed myself this morning.
Losing weight for me is not easy, I am too easily tempted by goodies, I have discovered how to successfully make cheesecake, and Will Power has deserted me.
For the past month or so I experimented with Hubby’s idea of a bowl of cereal for my final meal of the day (darts night excluded). I had this with fat free yoghurt and apart from getting through twice as many boxes of cereal as in previous months, it’s done little else.
My SW book is easily at hand, and today is the start of a new month.





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26 Responses to Checking In

  1. The diabetes chart is very good.

  2. Sadje says:

    I am so here with you. Though I am sure I weigh a lot more than you but the situation is the same. Need the will and motivation to start. It’s the celebration spirit that has played havoc with my diet.

  3. fransiweinstein says:

    The struggle is real. 😪

    • It is, and I was doing so well in 2016. Time to get back into the groove and getting the balance right, which is the hardest thing.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        It is, trust me I know. But once you’re into it, it does get easier.

      • I’ve always been the dieter yoyo, but SW did work for me, so I’m going back to it.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        Yeah, stick with what works. That’s me and weight watchers.

      • I tired them way back in the 80s, but couldn’t get to grips with it. It was soul destroying to be told every week I’d ‘lost a quarter’ but at the end of four weeks, I wasn’t a pound lighter. 😦
        I know of several people who have lost a lot with WW, so it just wasn’t for me.

      • fransiweinstein says:

        Yep, everyone’s different.

  4. blindzanygirl says:

    Oh Di. I’m a sucker for the cheesecake too. Good that your diabetes is under control though. Keep up the goid work!

  5. scifihammy says:

    I’m glad the check in went well – and hope your blood results will be good too.
    And good luck with the renewed diet. Seems all I ever do is try not to gain too much – given up on actually losing any!

  6. The cereal idea is such a great idea, going to try that

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