A Walk in the Park: 10th April

We’ve had a quiet day today, other than Maggie squeaking in the background for not getting her own way.
The meds were turfed out of the ham this morning, so we have resorted to Plan C, lifting her food bowl and just leaving down the dish with her breakfast and meds in it and plenty of fresh water.
I hate doing it this way, but she will get hungry enough and eat what is available rather than the nice stuff she has a wont for scrounging.
Saying that, it paid off this afternoon after I had put down some rice and boiled chicken in the ‘offending’ dish, most of which she ate, so at least she has got some medication in her today. Her normal food still hasn’t gone back down, so come tomorrow, the ham and meds should be a very welcome addition to her empty tummy.

The weather has been quite pleasant today, provided you can keep out of the wind.
Anyway, we loaded up a bag with bird seed and went to the park.
Maggie has also been awkward off lead as she gets it in her head to go off on her own and we cannot attract her attention to signal her back. She has got away from Hubby and I several times, once rushing across the road again, but luckily the driver recognised her deaf jacket and slowed down. Hubby frantically waving his sticks may also have been a clue of course.
This means she is on the extending lead so has limited exploration under our control.
Again, I don’t like to do it as she is normally so good, but I guess we have to enforce who is the boss.

Not many people in the park today which was nice, and it would appear that the entire brood of tufted ducks from last year have survived, because the lake was dotted with them.
No pictures of those, but I did get a decent shot of the response to feeding time.
These two Canada geese see us coming and honk in greeting. I keep telling them they must read the sign that says I’m not allowed to feed them, but they seem to smile anyway, hop up on the bank and tuck in.
This is my favourite picture today. Isn’t she beautiful?
And so far the only one we’ve seen with these markings.

Up on to the prom and as we reached the top of the slope, the sound of the sea was almost deafening. The tide was going out but the waves were putting up a fight by the look of it!
Up at the other end of the prom by the club house, you may remember this.

Photos: March 2018 (the arrow was where we usually started to walk on the sand)

This is what it looked like today
Of course I couldn’t end a beach post without a picture of the beach post.

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  1. Billy Mac says:

    that shot of the duck is a good one. Love ducks. That’s a nice spot. I’m still surrounded by snow

    • She is lovely.
      It’s cold here because of the wind, but at least the sun has been shining. There will be lots more pics of ducks and geese as they hatch and grow. I took loads last year.

  2. jenanita01 says:

    Sounds like you have everything under control…

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