UTI and that elusive sample

Maggie has been a bit squeaky and restless over the weekend. The squeakiness we’re used to as it’s normally a sign of boredom or lack of attention rather than pain, and she’s fine when we’re out on our walks, being fussed or when she’s asleep!

Anyway, she has been frequently squatting her bot but not doing very much and we believed she was scent marking as she used to when she was in season. She’s too old for that now, but that doesn’t stop her being tarty with the local males, and she has made passes at a large golden labrador, a cock-a-poo, bichon frise, a yorkie, and a couple of jack russells this week.
The squeaking has been getting on our nerves though, so yesterday I checked her bits and noticed she was rather swollen and hard down below, so I made an appointment with the vet today just in case she had another UTI as she’d had one about a year ago.
I was asked to provide a sample if I could, but it was a game and I came up empty dished.
We were early for our appointment, so the receptionist gave me a container and asked if  I could have another try.

In the grounds, Maggie squatted and I dived, but she was too quick for me and giving me that smug satisfied ‘you can’t get me’ look, stopped. Walking up and down with dish in hand, several people were coming for their appointments and knew what I was after. Hubby was watching through the window and was in hysterics.
Anyway, Maggie squatted and although surprised to have something cold thrust under her nether regions, she continued the deed and I was confident to have collected a good sample when she lifted herself.

Two drops! That didn’t even equate to a dribble and the vet had a damn good laugh too!
Anyway, from the evidence collected (a magnifying glass may have helped somewhat), all seemed OK as there was no discolouration or blood in it.

She’s bright-eyed and aware of everything going on, but did not like having her temperature taken one bit. I thought at one stage she’d sucked it in, but the vet said no, it was quite flexible (!!) and he hadn’t let go. Her temperature was normal, so that was a good sign.
We’ve come away with some antibiotics which we will start tomorrow just in case they have any effects on her during the night, and walked her round the avenue before we settled down for the evening.
If things don’t improve within 48 hours, we’re to go back, but he doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about.


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16 Responses to UTI and that elusive sample

  1. I almost prefer if they find something. I’m always afraid they missed something or I missed a symptom to tell them. Good luck to you and hugs for sweet Maggie. I had to get a sample from my cranky old cat Jake. The only for sure times that he peed were 3 p.m. and 3 a.m. He kicked litter in the 3 p.m. one but I got him at 3 a.m. That cat put me through the wringer! Still miss him though.

  2. I do hope Maggie will be just fine.

    • Thank you so much. She’s asleep now and we’ll start her meds tomorrow. We have a lot more confidence in this vet compared to the other one, but if she doesn’t improve, then we can get an appointment later this week.

  3. fransiweinstein says:

    Great you got Maggie to the Vet quickly so you could get ahead of it. And I hope she’s right as rain again in no time.

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