God’s Waiting Room

We have heard several people refer to our town as God’s Waiting Room, and thought it a rather charming expression.
Now that we’ve been here over 18 months and spent a lot of that time in the GP’s waiting room, we think it’s a typo and perhaps he thinks he’s god.

Hubby wanted the results of a test and told to ring later in the day as the results were back and the GP would write a prescription for him to collect.
OK, he could do that.
Another receptionist beat him to it (at least they were footing the bill for the call) and told him the doctor would like to see him before prescribing antibiotics, so he would need to make an appointment.

HERE WE GO AGAIN, you know what’s coming don’t you.

“No, I can’t make you an appointment, but appointments are available on the day if you ring at 8am.  Or you could come to our Sit and Wait clinic.”

We were at the surgery just after 7.45 this morning and already there were 51 people in the queue (Hubby counted them before the doors opened at 8). God knows how many were behind him.
He was lucky to get an appointment for around 10am to see a GP who was due to arrive at 9. We chatted to a lot of other disgruntled patients and when I said I had some shopping to do, I got orders for cake, pizza, tea and biscuits.

Halfway down the fruit and veg aisle I got a phone call asking if I could bring in some change so that Hubby could get a cup of coffee. I went one better and took in a sticky bun as well, much to the amusement of the old boy sitting next to him.

While I was in the chemist on site looking for foot powder, an irate patient came in saying it was like a different world ‘in there’.
She had been told yesterday that she had to see a doctor to discuss the results of a blood test and would have to come to the sit and wait clinic. She was fuming that the FULL sign had gone up before she got one.
They didn’t have what I wanted (again actually)  and seem to be working on minimum stock so we are wondering if there is something ‘in the wind’.

I noticed a new sign on reception today about if you have cause for complaint and the correct procedure. There is even the name of an individual and an address to write to. Guess who will be getting all that on Thursday when Hubs has his INR jab.

Oh: trying the sister surgery was a bigger nightmare than anticipated as




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26 Responses to God’s Waiting Room

  1. Sadje says:

    What a bummer.

  2. I hear stories like yours about that ‘Sit and Wait” business, and I’m horrified. Those types of problems are what the folks who are against ‘socialized medicine’ in the USA use as fodder for their verbal cannons. And I laugh. What those people do not realize is that it happens in the USA TOO. I read something once about how a young woman died waiting in the ER. She had septic pneumonia, but whichever hospital it was that she went to for treatment, made her wait. She was dead about four hours before someone noticed she wasn’t moving. Healthcare around the whole world needs a major revamp. Too many ‘doctors’ who don’t care about their patients and are in it for the money they can make, too little common sense, too many patients for some practices to see, given the number of doctors they have. Another reason I wish I could just check out now and save the trouble of being in your poor husband’s situation, waiting around for hours because of an ‘urgent’ or ‘mandatory’ (because the doctor called and asked one to come in) visit. That place you go to needs some decent support staff in my opinion. Whole lot of people (me among them) who would gladly do the job for some extra money to our fixed incomes. But we’re too ‘old’ or ‘sick’ or whatever for them to consider. My condolences. One bright spot is that these make FASCINATING reading. Maybe you can make a book out of ‘experiences in the world of sit and wait’! 😉

    • Ha. Bless you. The INR staff are great as are the prctitioner nurses. The problem is Management. I’m good at time management and organising……….l et me in there!!!!!

  3. Sadje says:

    I am tagging you for Rory’s new rhyme game. The post will be published in a few minutes.

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  5. fransiweinstein says:

    Maybe it should be called Trying Times Waiting Room. Hope your hubby had his appointment and got his meds. Sheesh!

  6. blindzanygirl says:

    Oh bloimin ‘eck Di. I want to swear! This B country!

  7. SarahC says:

    oh my, there they go, again, always entertaining read though i do wish they’d be nicer to you at least one time you have to go there!

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