Keeping Tabs on Oil

We read with dismay that the odourless garlic capsules I have been buying to keep my blood pressure in check have been discontinued.
I used to buy 180 capsules for £1.89, so am glad I purchased two tubs the last time.
There are other shops that sell garlic like this, though prices vary, so I wasn’t too worried. That is until we went shopping for it specifically today.

In some shops, I can buy 180 garlic tablets for around £2, but I found that these gave me indigestion and were forever repeating on me, so buying garlic in capsule form suited me better. Hubby has also discovered the benefits so has been taking them too, especially since one of his meds was resulting in dizziness as it reduced his blood pressure TOO much!

We have tried discount drug stores, health shops and pharmacies, and it would appear that no-one is selling garlic capsules or if they are, at an affordable price.
One pharmacy has 30 for £4.99, and a health store has 50 for £8.99, though I did manage to get 30 for £1.89 but it was the last one on the shelf.

I have asked in two shops if they are aware of why the oil capsules have been removed from sale, and no-one is any the wiser. The shelves are overflowing with cod liver oil and Omega 3, but both repeat on us and it’s not nice tasting fish oil for the second time, neither is it pleasant if you happen to be talking to someone at the time.
Garlic oil capsules never did that.

I use fresh garlic in my cooking, but obviously some dishes wouldn’t call for it.
Has anyone had a similar experience with availability or have any idea why capsules have been removed and the tablet form has not? I’d be interested to know.


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11 Responses to Keeping Tabs on Oil

  1. Sadje says:

    Try amazon. They usually have everything, maybe you will find it there.

  2. Sorry to read a medication has been helping you is discontinued. I have been surprised to hear that IS government shutdown has effect the availability of medications. There is one used to reduce high blood pressure that has been recall because a cancer causing chemical was been found in the medication. There is one medication I take that has been backorder. I have enough to last through next week. FROM what I reading I have feeling that the industry has problems.

    • The garlic capsules I have should last me for about seven months. The ones we bught today are slighty stronger, so Hubby will take those instead of two of mine. I;m hoping they will come back on the shelves thugh and will continue to look regardless.

  3. blindzanygirl says:

    That realli s very odd Di. I hope you find out the reason. Wow. What a price increase!

  4. I was going to suggest Amazon. They offer EVERYTHING on there and if you have a membership, all the better. Sometimes they slip a discount in here and there. Sadje is wise and quicker on the draw than me obviously! 😉

  5. My mum had the same problem with the tablets. The cheaper ones really upset her stomach so ended up just buying the more expensive ones.

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