Confronting the Sales Crowd

OK, we were mad to even think about it, but decided to see if we could get some bargains in the post-Christmas sales.
We were actually after some new lights for the Christmas tree as we have more ‘out’ than on, and you never know, maybe something else would catch our eye and we would treat ourselves.
Hubby was on the lookout for some brackets to hang his sticks up as they keep falling over when propped up on the radiator in the hall and on several occasions we have actually gone out without them having wedged them elsewhere.

Nothing very exciting then, but we fancied a field trip and the weather was really nice today.
We thought the market would be packed so set off in the opposite direction to Skeggy.
Traffic was…………….. absent. In fact we saw only three cars for the first 8 miles.
When we arrived, we had the pick of the parking spots in the High Street, it was ridiculously quiet, and no, it wasn’t so early that no-one was up yet! This was 11 o’clock!

We walked the full length of the town going into a few shops but not fancying much, though I wanted to try and get a bag to hold all my darts paraphernalia so that I only had one thing to carry. Hubby had seen some that may have been suitable so I went in and had a look. Not exactly what I had in mind, and the price tag was a bit steep too, still there were other places to try and we know the back streets pretty well here.
There are a couple of bag shops that have a good choice and at reasonable prices, though neither take cards so I had to get some cash.
I found the perfect thing for darts and thought I’d have a poke around for a new and smaller shoulder bag for every day. The one I’m using now is the one I bought for the wedding in July last year, and for what I paid for it, has not been good value for money. Two of the zips are iffy and the rolled seams are shedding their leather, so it looks pretty tatty. It has two large pockets and two smaller ones, and I can never find anything as it is always in the wrong side or at the fathomless bottom of the other.
Result! Two bags for less than the price of my current one, though they did have one identical for a third of the cost from eighteen months ago,

Onward for Hubby now, and no Christmas lights unless we wanted silly Santas or battery-powered lights. Besides, £1 off the original price is hardly what I’d call a sale.
No brackets either, but on the way home, we were able to pick them up locally as the hardware shop had new supplies in and we had thought of an alternative. They are up and the sticks are dangling nicely.

Lunch was the last of our gammon joint and some freshly cooked bubble and squeak.
Getting our eating habits back under control is going to take a while. Hubby says he’s put on five pounds and needs to lose that by Monday as he has a blood test and it could throw the figures out.
Good incentive, and I’ve checked the dates on the other goodies I have in store and they will last until Easter.

No pressure then!

Good news is that we had a visitor on the new feeder this morning.
Didn’t catch him on film (the birdy on the top is ornamental) but hopefully he’ll put the word out.

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