Santa Delivery

Hubby has an INR test this morning, and we hope that things will begin to settle down.
Everything has been all over the place these last few weeks so ‘the norm’ has been thrown out of the window.
He was reading the other day about the reflux meds we’re both on and side effects. There seems to be a down side to most meds, and I was surprised when my previous GP prescribed something to protect the stomach lining from the meds she was prescribing for whatever was ailing me at the time.
I didn’t fill the prescription (I would have had to pay nearly £20 for the two items) and it sorted itself out anyway.
For this one, it stops the body absorbing the vitamins from our food. We got round that initially by taking multi vitamins but even these can upset the stomach if we time it wrong.
I started taking them after that heavy cold I had as I was completely drained. They certainly helped.
I’ve always hated taking pills, though in the 80s I was glad of them to get my life back on track. It’s not that I forget to take them, just that something else comes along in the box that wasn’t necessarily bargained for.
My post cancer meds are a perfect example as they’ve given me the menopause back. I’ve been on them two years now and at least the hot flushes are not as frequent, but in the beginning I was radiating so much heat, Hubby wanted to plug me in to run the boat.

I chased my bone density scan results last week (this can also be affected by my meds) and was told that they were with the GP who will contact me as to what we do next. I’ll give them another week, then send another email. If they tell me I need to see the doctor, they can make me an appointment. I’m not going to sit and wait for four hours.
Hubby is on a cocktail of meds, and has no choice with most of them. However, we’ve decided to wean ourselves off the reflux ones as we hope to be able to control that with our diet, especially as we have changed our eating habits again. Mine was only on a temporary basis anyway and Hubby has been on his for about nine months. We’ve read that you can’t stop ‘cold turkey’ so we are cutting down the dosage, and I am down to every third day. If we still have problems, we’ll have to think again, but I think we’ll be OK now that we know the triggers.

The girls in the INR clinic are brilliant. In fact, they are the only good thing about our surgery.  They look after Hubby and don’t keep him waiting too long,  so we shall be treating them with a chocolate Santa today. Just our way of saying Thanks.
After that, we are off to do our £10 dash.
I am also under strict instructions to buy a new jumper. The one I have is very me, baggy and shapeless, but you can shoot peas through it and it has no warmth. I know exactly what I have in mind.

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