Diets, Hospitals and books.

It’s hard to stay on plan when you spend most of the day in the car in a hospital car park.
I have tried to be sensible, but this week is a no-go on the diet really so we shall see what happens on Monday’s weigh in.

Hubby had serious pains last night, so it was cancellation of the INR this morning and after making a direct call to the ward, they told him to come straight in.
The dog has been brilliant , after all it’s not much fun for her either but she curled up on the back seat and slept most of the time whilst I’ve been reading my book, though I did take her for walks round the grounds, shared my sandwich, and made sure she had fresh water to drink.
Well, I’ve finished it in the three days I’ve got to know the car park intimately.

It’s a damn good read, with kidnapping, murder, love interest, childhood feuds, family values, all the things that Nora Roberts delivers, and I’ve read a LOT of her stuff, though I tend to shy away from her sagas or trilogies unless I can get the complete set in one hit.

We start with the disappearance of Alice Bodine 25 years ago, though we flash back to that time and the years leading up to the present day.
I got a little confused with the generations as there are four, but it does all come together as chapters progress.
The story synopsis on the back cover isn’t exactly what happens though as we have two murders and the missing woman (other than Alice) doesn’t get a mention until much further along in the story. I also had to keep reminding myself of the time line for the identity of the abductor.
There are three story lines of love interest, including our main characters of Bo (Alice’s niece) and Callen.

Was I right with whodunnit? I’m not saying, you’ll have to read it.
Anyway, it’s another worthy

As for Hubby, he wasn’t admitted, and the hospital have taken his treatment out of the GP’s hands, so he will be receiving an outpatient’s appointment in due course for further tests. From what they have done so far, apart from the kidney stone, they cannot find what is causing him so much pain.
Hubby is sitting with a hot water bottle which seems to be helping, and he has some pretty strong painkillers should he need them.
He’s been told to go to the surgery on Monday for an INR and another blood test, and if he has any problem, he is to ring the hospital ward and the head nurse will sort it. Apparently from the conversation with the surgery this afternoon, Hubby says she takes no prisoners. Seems she’s had dealings with them before and is not impressed.

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  1. joyroses13 says:

    Sure hope your hubby can get an answer and some relief for his pain!

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    Sounds like he is in good hands now. I hope they get to the bottom of it quickly and he feels better very soon.

  3. Sadje says:

    I would love to read this one!

  4. jenanita01 says:

    kidney stones are awful, worse pain than childbirth they say. Once they find out where they are, I’m sure they will sort him out!

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