That other ‘Us’ present?

It has been an interesting day, and we have a new addition to our lounge.
Hubby and I were discussing options for viewing our DVDs other than on our 11 inch laptop screens, and came up with a few:
A projector (the walls in the lounge are flat and magnolia coloured), bigger laptop with built in DVD drive, a second hand TV with DVD or a computer monitor.

Buying a new TV is a problem as although we’re not interested in anything that’s broadcast, we would require a TV licence as our purchase would be reported to the licencing authority. A second hand TV would be OK as Hubby could remove the receiver as we only wanted it as a screen, but there are no second hand electrical stores locally and the chance of getting something in a charity shop here is less than NIL.
The idea of a projector has never appealed to me, plus we couldn’t test that it would work as they are only available to buy online so it could be a pretty expensive mistake.
A bigger laptop has the disadvantage of Windows 10 as standard, which Hubby hates and when I used it, I hated it too. Bring back Windows XP or 7, but we’re happy with 8.
So we explored the idea of a computer monitor.

We went into one of the large electrical shops 20 miles away armed with a connection lead and Hubby’s laptop, and a bit like my Dad giving my Mum a button and telling her to sew a shirt on it, we grabbed an assistant and said we wanted a monitor that would be compatible with Hubby’s computer.
A fair price, perfect for what we wanted, so we treated ourselves to Us present Number 2.

We got it home and Hubby started to set it up with the necessary leads and drives so that our little DVD/CD writer would play our movies via the laptop but on to the big screen.
Except we could only get a letter box view, and thus no bigger than what we were already looking at. Hubby spent over two hours going through the manual, but could not get the size to change, so knowing he was defeated, we took it back to the shop for advice on how to get it to change as the display model had worked perfectly.

A very nice young man went through all the options Hubby had, and had the same results he did, so brought the display model to the help desk and plugged in Hubby’s laptop Same problem, yet this afternoon it had worked perfectly when we tried it.
Our nice young man tried their laptop, and it had the desired effect, so it was ours at fault sotospeak, but he couldn’t understand why.
Then he and Hubby started shop talking (Hubby may be 20 years out of date but the basics are still there) and it was discovered that it is all to do with resolutions.
Our man hit a few keys, clicked on a few options, and VOILA! Big picture on the new screen, exactly what we wanted. Hubby therefore had a quick lesson on how he did it, then practiced on the monitor we’d bought, and two very happy people walked out of the shop with their box.

I’m pretty useless when it comes to this sort of thing, so in the days when we had an old telly and separate DVD player I was quite happy to plug things in and away we went.
It’s not that simple anymore.
Tonight we have watched the second disc in Season 14 on the big screen and all is good.
The jury is still out on the Newbies though.

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