Just in case you didn’t realise, I love NCIS, the original series, not the spin offs, mainly because of this guy.  He’s got sexier as he’s gotten older (blue eyes do that for me).

At the end of Season 13, DiNozzo left to take on the role of a single Dad.
Season 14 was originally broadcast in September 2016 and has only just become available to buy on DVD in the UK. You can imagine that with no possibility of Ziva returning and now no Tony, we were a little dubious as to how it would work.
(As an aside I used to enjoy CSI, but when they got rid of Grissom, Sara and Warwick, it wasn’t the same which is why we gave our series 1 – 9 to charity who got £75 for it as a job lot shortly after it was placed in their window and haven’t watched any of it since. Actually, the character Catherine Willows started to get on my nerves too.)
I have to say, it is not bad at all!
We have two newbies, Torres and Quinn, already NCIS agents, but who we had not come across before.
We have watched Disc One of the six, so four episodes, and it seems to be coming together.
Now Gibbs (my blue eyed hero) has four members on his team, so there has been a shuffle of desks in the Squad Room too so the old layout has also been shelved.
I’m looking forward to the rest of the series and hope it doesn’t fizzle out to nonsense.
All down to these two and the scriptwriters I guess.

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  1. The current cast is different. The woman pictured here is gone but the stories are just as good.

    • Season 15 is in play here I believe ( we have no TV) and no date has been set for DVD release , but it won’t be until late next year anyway. We read that Abby is leaving in season 15, but that’s all we’ve read about the new set up.

      • There is a female psychologist on board. She gives Gibbs a good run. Don’t know which season but she was there last year. I like all the current characters even Abby’s replacement which had to be a hard one to replace. Good casting. Season 15 is available here on DVD.

      • If this is the one who calls him Popeye, she’s been in a few episodes, and played Kit in the film Pretty Woman.
        Ah, don’t tell me any more kate, I’ll get all frustrated because I can’t catch up!

      • So sorry! I don’t remember the Popeye part.

      • Maybe it’s someone new then. No problems though, so don’t worry! We bypassed the DVD release of season 7 (I think) by watching it on Youtube, so depending on how this one finishes we may go that way again if we can (links etc have all changed now)

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