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I picked this one up from Teresa over at The Haunted Wordsmith who had picked it up from here:

It’s something a little different, so I thought I’d answer the questions too, though I’m not tagging anyone (unless they want to do as I have and make a post of it)


  1. Have you ever re-gifted a book that you’ve been gifted?
  2. Have you ever claimed to have read a book when you haven’t?
  3. Have you ever borrowed a book and not returned it?
  4. Have you ever read a series out of order?
  5. Have I ever spoiled a book for someone?
  6. Have you ever skipped a chapter or a section of a book?
  7. Have you ever bad-mouthed a book you actually liked?

My answers:

1. I did once as an emergency gift to an unexpected visitor one Christmas. I hadn’t actually read it, so it was technically new.
2. No, not that I recall. Even the boring stuff at school I managed to get through.
3. No. I haven’t borrowed a book from a library for over four years now, even though we joined the one here the week we arrived as we needed an interim internet link up until our phone line was installed. I did lend a Chinese Astrology book to someone and they never gave it back.
4. I read the second Jack Reacher book Die Trying not realising there was one before called Killing Floor. It didn’t really matter as the first 18 I read don’t actually follow on. I lost interest when Tom Cruise was cast as the 6’5″ hero in the film based on One Shot and haven’t read any of Lee Child’s books since (even if he actually wrote about anyone other than Reacher).
5. I try not to. Even if I do the occasional review, I try not to give anything away.
6. Loads of times, mainly out of boredom and drawn out plots. I read a Danielle Steele’s book and only finished it to see if I was right. I’d sussed the outcome after chapter three, but would never read the end first.
Saying that though, the only way I could enjoy Stephen King’s IT was to read alternative chapters and then go back to read the others as I got confused with the time frame.
7. No. I don’t see a reason to. If I like a book, I say so. If I don’t, I say so too.


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7 Responses to Guilty Reader Book Tag

  1. Lana Cole says:

    Fun! Loved reading your answers! ❤️

  2. The Haunted Wordsmith says:

    Great answers! I don’t know what I would do without my library, even though I miss my larger one.

    • I don’t read as much as I used to, mainly because nothing seems to appeal. I;ve had a book on my bedside table for about five weeks and I’ve opened it twice, but not read a single page.

      • The Haunted Wordsmith says:

        I’ve read some really good ones lately. I used to not read that much, but being in school kind of ruins reading lol

      • I’ve actually ordered two books which should arrive next week. I;m looking forward to reading them too and will do a review on each in due course.

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