Arrows and Raffle prizes

It was a Cup Match for pairs last night. I’d put in four of the girls as my neighbour is away celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, so I put myself down as official chalker for the team.

The rules have changed a little with Cup Matches as when you register your players you now have to name a chalker or face a fine. In previous years, it was down to a member of the losing team to chalk the next match, but they either legged it, went out for a fag/wee/beer or simply couldn’t add up which is frustrating for everyone.
An interesting little snippet also came to light last night when a team did not provide a chalker and as such have not only been fined but possibly forfeited the opportunity of taking part in any other cup matches. I should add here that it doesn’t have to be a team member who chalks, it can be a husband or partner of a player as long as they have one.
Also, another team decided not to participate at the last minute and had to pay a £5 fine. They still had to donate a raffle prize.
One of my pairs was on first, so I volunteered to chalk for them. It went to three legs, all ending on double one, and sadly they were knocked out which meant I had to chalk the next game. This also went to three legs ending on double one, so I was glad to sit down as it was a while before my other team were due to play.
They too went to three games sadly losing too, so I was chalking again.

Don’t get me wrong, as I don’t mind in the least and never have. The brain might not be quite as quick and scoreboards are nearly all electronic, but I enjoy it and it was a good night. I met some lovely girls who we haven’t played yet, a couple with attitude issues and one lady who was, shall we say, rather ‘ripe’.

I got talking to an elderly couple who it turns out have been married 62 years, the same age as me. He is 82 and she 81, having had breast cancer a few years ago and now has a ‘falsie’. They were real characters, and I couldn’t work out if they were actually attached to anyone or just there for a night out. They were encouraging everybody from both sides playing, and giving tips on how to get double one.
‘You stand at the oche……….. stare at the double……….. concentrate, and will your dart in!’ The young lass throwing stood as instructed, exaggerated her stare at the double saying ‘I’m staring, I’m staring!’  as she took aim.
‘Then will your dart in Girl!’ the old lady said.
She threw and it went a bit lower than intended, hitting treble 3.
‘Oh,’ they all said and burst out laughing. Great stuff.
Raffle prizes are one per club, not one per entry, and as with the Captains Cup, I had a bottle of wine handy so didn’t have to worry. Apparently the pub we play for should provide the raffle prizes, so I will enquire as to what actually happens when we eventually get to play our first home match on the 20th.
The donated prize from us last night was one I won in the raffle when we played there on our first match, so I hope nobody recognised it. Judging by the bottles provided, the Rosé I donated at the Captain’s Cup is also doing the rounds!

My ticket was the penultimate to be drawn, and the choice left was a box of biscuits (the only non bottle donation) or a bottle of fizz. It was obvious what I’d go for, so we now have something in the Christmas goody cupboard.

We are away to a local guest house next week, and the girl who knocked me out in the Captain’s Cup plays for them. She got knocked out in the following round that night, just missing a place in the final.


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