20p is not the same as half a crown

Hubby and I walked Maggie along the beach this morning. We started off on the prom down to the clubhouse, then as the tide was still way out, we went down on the sand.
Photo: June 2018, but it was like this today.

The water was making rivulets down to the sea, which were quite deep in places, so Maggie got to have a paddle without having to go right to the water’s edge.
Making our way back to the prom, I spotted something in the sand and thought at first it was a penny. It was actually a twenty pence piece, and took me back about 55 years to a time when I found half a crown in the sand on Rockley Sands in Poole.

Half a crown was two shillings and sixpence, in today’s money 12½p, but back then it was a small fortune to a youngster like me. It was a family outing and a few of the neighbour’s kids had come along as we had the old ambulance then, but I was able to buy ice cream for all of us and still have change. Lollies and wafers were a penny and thruppence respectively, and half a crown equated to 30 pre decimal pennies. I was rich.

What will 20p (four old shillings if you’re curious) buy me today?
Certainly not a single ice cream or a lolly as they start around a pound each.
Chocolate bars? In the supermarket you can buy a pack of 6 own brand for 59p, but for 20p? You might get a banana if they have any for 13p each, but a single apple, pear or orange are nearer 50p each than 20p.
You can’t even buy a stamp as they are 67p for first class and 58p for second provided they’re not classed as ‘large’ which attracts £1.01 for first and 79p for second class mail.
I could have gone in the pet shop though and bought Maggie a dried sausage, but we weren’t that end of the beach.

So what did I do with my new found wealth today?
Actually it went in the tumble drier at the launderette, buying us about 2 minutes of hot air and joined by a further £1.50 as by the time we got back from our walk it was beginning to rain and we had the washing out.
Photo: October 2017 when the line first went up.


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  1. Big smiles Di… My hubby is always converting the old money values into the new.. 🙂 Give more and get change in the 70’s decimalisation did not leave us with a great lot of change when you take 240 old pennies to the Pound compared to 100 today.. 🙂
    My first weekly wage was £4 – 2 shillings and sixpence. 🙂 What would that buy today?? 🙂 Not a lot as Paul Daniels would have said.. 🙂

  2. The devaluation in money is rather shocking. I think double incomes has caused a lot of the inflation.

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    I am reblogging this in response to fandangos FDDA today which ahs a theme of ‘something you found’.

  4. Carol anne says:

    At least you put it to good use 😊😘😘

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