A hole has appeared……………

It was nice to go to our old dentist surgery today.
One of our regular girls from four years ago is still there, and the atmosphere is still friendly and relaxed.
We completed our medical questionnaires, which have seen a few changes since 2014, and Hubby was called in first (and on time).

As I waited, a lady came in with her two kids, a boy of about 6 and a girl of around 8.
They each took a free sample of toothpaste from the basket, then went up to the window.
The boy stood on tiptoe and his head was still nowhere near level with the cill, and the girl could only just see over the top.
A big smile spread across my face watching their interaction, the boy looking up to his sister, standing on tiptoe again as she compared their heights. The two of them were so in tune with each other, it was lovely to see.

Our familiar receptionist came away from her desk to tidy up the waiting area, and told her colleague that one of her favourite patients had just arrived in the car park.
She said ‘Oh, how lovely, I really like him,’ and I expected to see a tall handsome guy walk in bearing a resemblance to some pop idol or greek Adonis.
The patient was greeted by his Christian name with a genuine smile and told to take a seat as he’d been booked in. His companion followed.
He was an ordinary looking bloke of about 40 I’d guess, and his companion was his carer.  She reassured him that the dentist was just going to take a look, perhaps a picture, and he would be okay.
‘Okay’, he said.
They were called in after about five minutes, again him being addressed by his first name like an old friend.

Hubby got a clean slate, and then it was my turn.
There is a large cavity beneath an old filling that needs to be attended to. If the cavity does not extend down into the nerve, it can be refilled, if not it will be a root canal.
My previous experience of root canals apart from a lot of pain was that I lost the tooth anyway, so I cut out the middle man now (and save money) and by root canal read extraction.
I’m not worried as this guy has filled and extracted teeth before and I never felt a thing.
What I am annoyed about though is that our local dentist here missed it, twice, as it is a big cavity, one that can been seen by opening wide and looking in the mirror. I’ve had no problems though so hope that doesn’t change, and will go back for the rest of the treatment one way or the other on November 26th.
I remember our dentist in Poole. A very pleasant guy who sadly made my tooth problems worse every time he filled one. After a while, I kept getting away with a descale and polish.
Years later we move away from Dorset and end up at the dental surgery here in 2007.
I needed two extractions and five fillings, so I was not impressed. This was when I bit Lenny by accident. He left the practice shortly after (not my fault!!!)
Before I was put on the books of our current chap, I had an appointment with the hygienist but never again. For forty quid, my gums bled for well over an hour and were sore for days. Now I leave it all up to the dentist who says he will give me a descale and polish when my face is numb from the injection.
See, he knows me so well (and the big reminder on my notes that I need gallons of anaesthetic, have megga sensitive gums and am a bit of a whimp helps).


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  1. Mws R says:

    My generation had to have those dreadful silver, metal, fillings. Those in years to come damage our outer tooth, causing cracks and problems associate with that. I hate going to dentists and I really wish you a pleasant experience. I know as I age it is inevitable that me and dentists will become better acquainted. Yuck.

  2. Whimp is me, and I’ll never do another root canal, I think lots of folks now go with extraction and implants. anyway you look at it, it’s the dentist, good luck with it all

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