The Syns of a Cold

The last thing you think about when up to your eyes in snotty tissues and cold remedies is DIETS!
It’s extremely doubtful I will have a loss this week, but that doesn’t mean to say I intend to come off plan and feed my face with all the bad stuff. To be honest, the chances are it wouldn’t make me feel better and the guilt factor would be off the scale. One little slip is allowed, but not a whole army of them.

After another interrupted night (and Hubby getting up to bring me in some hot milk and honey at 3.15 bless him) I looked up honey in the SW bible this morning.
Although it’s not horrendously synful, it does have a value of 1 syn per teaspoon. I am having honey in my lemsips (4 max in any 24 hours) AND hot milk (at least three) plus there are extra syns for the milk as it far exceeds my daily allowance.
I am also sucking throat lozenges and soothers which must be at least one each, so they all mount up.
Whilst I am not intentionally cheating,ย  syns are going through the roof just now and I’m letting them.

We had our final day of stew yesterday and I had a salad with a mushroom omelette for my tea, which I didn’t enjoy one iota. The prepared salad, although well in date and unopened, was slimy and limp and the omelette just a lump of ‘something’ that was at least easy to swallow. I’ve thrown the rest of the salad away.
Today we are having fish (9 syns), wedges (3 syns) and baked beans or veg depending on how we feel when I come to cook it.
Photo: Sept 2018

We both feel like crap, but I think I’ve turned a corner now, even if I am blowing my nose every three or four minutes!


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14 Responses to The Syns of a Cold

  1. Bee Halton says:

    Get better soon ๐Ÿ™‹

  2. Usually when I am sick, I don’t eat much which balances out the medication I take. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised with a no loss-no gain on Monday!

  3. scifihammy says:

    Colds are such a pain and totally pointless. I hope you both feel better soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You know the saying “Feed a cold and starve a fever” get better soon

  5. I hate pre-packaged salad because any more it seems, that even if it’s “fresh” – there are slimy and disgusting bits in it. I don’t know how well this will fit into your regime, but one cold remedy (home remedy) that I stand by is this hot drink:
    2 Tbs apple cider vinegar
    2 Tbs lemon juice (fresh lemon squeezed is the best..but whatever is on hand – and I use more lemon than that, but I find the citrus really helps my throat and chest congestion)
    2 Tbs honey (or more to taste…I use a whopping amount of this too)
    Boiling water (not just hot, it should be boiling)

    Mix these ingreds in a mug and sip. You can add cinnamon too if you like spicy. It’s a great booster, has cut the length of my own colds down by half. And I use whatever vinegar I have..white vinegar or even rice vinegar..

    • Thanks for this. I have lemon juice in the cupboard but have to be careful with citrus at the minute because of reflux issues which is why I’m leaning more towards milk and honey. The lemsips are OK with honey too, but too many make me nauseous and paracetamol goes straight through me.

  6. Sadje says:

    Hope you get better soon. Never mind about your diet , just look after yourself. I always have an optimistic view when sick: 1: that I will loose weight because I am sick and 2: itโ€™s okay to have things I love to eat but canโ€™t ,when I am on a diet! Because I am sick. So itโ€™s a win win situation for me! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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