Just Desserts

I have a terrible sweet tooth, so obviously the perils of diets is the temptation for all things naughty in the pudding department.
Looking through my posts from two years ago, I didn’t miss out, so I’m planning on doing that again this time.

Today I was suffering from the ‘sugar puff’ wee which suggested my sugar levels had either spiked or dropped. Coupled with a headache, I knew I needed a sugar fix, and those lovely sweeties and bars of chocolate were calling me from the shelf, but I was strong! I was in control! I said 
(I was drooling actually………..Diet Tip:  never shop when you’re hungry or fanciful)

I ignored the chocolate, liquorice allsorts, jelly babies, fruit pastilles and wine gums, opting instead for an 8 pack of meringue nests. Hubby likes these, and at only 2½ syns each they are very doable on the SW plan.
I also bought some raspberries as they were on special offer and a 250g tub of plain Quark which I believe is either free or low in syn value. I’ll ask one of the girls tonight as my Bible shows the flavoured variety at 1½ syns per 100g.

Stew was on the menu today, loads of lovely veg and it will again do us three days.
For my dessert, I crumbled a meringue nest into a breakfast bowl, added 6 raspberries (have to be careful because of GERD), and a generous dollop of quark, so even if it has the 1½ syns, there wasn’t 100g of it so the most my pud would attract was 5 syns allowing for a few clusters of granola.

You can ring the changes with a crumbled gingernut biscuit (2½ syns) or plain digestive (3½) with your fruit and if you don’t like quark, can always have low fat or fat free yoghurt. A sprinkle of cinnamon on the top is also nice.

Take a trip down Pudding (memory) Lane with me.
All these are perfectly legit and low in syn value as they are fruit based.

Back then, I made a basic crumble topping which was ideal for cooking in the microwave on the boat and served the two of us. Hubby has his with custard, I had quark or yoghurt.

You’ll need:
Equal quantities porridge oats and granola.

That’s it.
No fat, no flour, no sugar (unless you want to add a teaspoon of 1 syn on the top).
Just mix the two and sprinkle the topping over your fruit of choice, cook in the microwave for about 4 minutes and serve.
Fresh fruit is nearly all free, though some (grapes, blueberries, pineapple for example) have a high natural sugar content. Dried apricots attract around 1 syn each, so I chop mine into at least three pieces to make it look more!

Enjoy! I did mine today!!


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  1. Sadje says:

    These pictures are very tempting. Unfortunately I can’t have desserts on my diet. My options are berries/ strawberry in Greek yogurt and stevia to sweeten. I can add a bit of coconut cream of heavy cream to it.

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