Headline comment: 8th October 2018

We had a new boiler fitted last year, a must for us to heat our home and hot water, just like millions of others.
Then today I read this:

Gas boilers must be scrapped within decades to combat climate change, urges major report


“Limiting global temperature rises to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels would put an end to burning fossil fuels to generate power.

This would mean replacing petrol and diesel cars with electric vehicles or other clean alternatives and scrapping the use of gas boilers in homes in just a few decades.”

As if times were not worrying enough, the boffins have come up with this.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is no cause for concern about climate change, we can see that by the extremes of weather we get and the fact our seasons as we knew them as children no longer exist.

I’m no scientist or expert on anything, but my logical mind is asking why said Experts/Scientists don’t appear to be looking for alternatives.
You could argue the dangers of fracking for alternative gas sources, but if the above is likely to come about, why are they bothering?

But what about that other little snippet, you know, the one about cars?
Already the sales of diesel vehicles have plummeted, and with impending changes to leaded fuel (E10 and E15, the E stands for Ethanol and the number is the percentage
of that in the fuel), a lot of petrol cars will be off the road anyway.
We checked with Hyundai about ours, which is only four years old and a petrol vehicle. Apparently, it will be fine with the E10 fuel, but not E15 as per their reply
” Our current engines, along with almost all other manufacturers, are only safe with fuel up to E10 presently.
There are no current plans to bring in E15, or higher, rated Hyundai’s to Europe as far as we are aware at this moment in time.”

As for electric vehicles? Fine, except how are we going to charge them without power?

“Scientists and representatives of 195 governments who met in South Korea as part of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have approved the report, which will prompt new calls for dramatic and urgent steps to cut emissions to zero by 2050.”

For me, if I’m still alive in 2050, it’s doubtful I’ll be in my own home anyway, but being old(er) and decrepit, I will be the least of the government’s worries for care.
Bit like now actually.


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15 Responses to Headline comment: 8th October 2018

  1. Sadje says:

    Times are changing and decisions not getting easier. But I am sure the industry will come up with alternative solutions.

  2. tidalscribe says:

    Gas central heating replaced gas fires and coal fires – solar heating is presumably the answer, but not easy or cheap to install and if you have to move house you have installed it for someone else’s benefit. All new houses should be built with solar heating, but they aren’t!

    • We nearly bought a property that had solar panels, but backed off when they did not belong to the seller and were only leased.
      With the advances in technology, times are changing. There are plans to put another 300 wind turbines off our coast.

  3. scifihammy says:

    An interesting post. What are we to do? Yes, we have to stop consuming and polluting at the rate we do, but as you say, there need to be viable alternatives available.
    Sucks about your boiler!!

  4. I had a friend who wanted to install solar panels because she’s totally into saving the planet. She was willing to finance the cost for the solar, which was extreme – but then learned that before the panels could be installed, she would have to get a new roof as her roof wasn’t strong enough to support the weight of the solar panels. That put the total cost way out of her reach, especially considering the small return on the investment for the next 10 years or so.

    Personally, I plan to continue with my gas-guzzling car and gas-guzzling furnace. By the time everyone is forced into something else, I’ll be long dead and no longer generating heat.

    • That’s how I feel actually. We do our bit as and when we can. We looked into solar panels, and apart from our roof facing the wrong way, the gvnt grant to assist was a con. Sure they would pay your outlay back, at £500 a year for the next 20 years. Plus you never got free electricity, but it got deposited into the national grid and you supposedly got your energy at a cheaper rate. For us, it simply wasn’t cost effective.

  5. Change appens – the climate and environment does it continuously – naturally. Our records and understanding just go so far.
    Care the planet is worthwhile, but mania and hysteria isn’t. So few understand how electricity is produced ( and that those companies can become as abusive to customers Big Oil). Solar hasn’t changed much since the ’60’s I had so much hope for it as a child – it seemed logical, but only seems a way for product retailers/installers to make money for themselves – and fry and kill huge amounts of bats and birds. No progress. Windmills have made a bit of progress, but little considering the costs – and destruction of species/land where they are established. Also it all seems to be a drum to beat for people running for political office (knowing it’s not an effective approach to stop climates from changing) And then there’re the busy bodies with nothing to do except talk about dreams and try to force people to do what they want – power and seeking attention as a motivation.
    It might be better if people just made little changes in their lives – like stop littering, stop lighting up houses, streets and cities 24 hrs a day as bright as a airport runway, and stop buying stuff constantly just because you want new stuff – manufacturing process pollute terribly – especially all the techie gadgets (and then all those are a nightmare once no one wants them anymore.
    People don’t want to live gently on this part…rather yell at others and point fingers elsewhere (sorry for eh length – this all drives me nuts…kids are not being taught anything important and useful in schools – and this is what we get: hysteria and “causes”)

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