Headline : Bride cancels her wedding after guests refuse to pay for it

WTF? I really saw red at this!!!!

A couple of years after I first married (1977), a work colleague showed me his wedding list.
Washing machine, cooker, tumble dryer, fridge freezer, lawn mower, colour TV, video player, to name but a few and such a far cry from my bed linen, towels, mugs, pots and pans. The most expensive thing I got I think was a hand-held electric mixer and I was pleased to have it.

To me, this is a case of wanting something fancy but expecting everyone else to pay for it. It’s a bit like inviting someone to lunch and asking them to bring their own sandwiches.

FYI:  NZ$ 1700 equates to £850 and a few pence (NZ$ 1000 is £500). 

Sure, having been a couple for a number of years, traditional wedding gifts are probably impractical as they have most, if not all, of the usual stuff, so by all means a cash gift is more acceptable.

But, MY DEAR, you do NOT dictate to your potential guests how much and then sulk because you don’t get your own way.
And as for saying 
“I mean seriously people, what is $1000? What is $1500? Clearly not a lot. It would be quite manageable and within budget.”

Well, MY DEAR, £850 is three times my monthly income.
£850 is half our annual food bill for the pair of us and the dog.
£850 will keep our modest car on the road.
£850 is two thirds of our local taxes.
£850 is our annual water, heating and lighting bill.

If you were so intent on having a Dream Wedding MY DEAR, then you should have saved harder for it, or tailored your tastes to your purse, not expect everyone else to fork out. I certainly, and my friends, would not have accepted your conditional invite. I’m glad I don’t know you.

So you have deleted your FB account. Good for you. Your friends are better off without you, until you can appreciate that everyone has the right to be as generous as they can afford and not kowtow to someone as greedy as you obviously are. Friendship and loyalty should not have a price tag.

The more I read her tirade directed at her friends, the angrier I got.
Yeah, it’s nice to have a special day with friends and family to celebrate, but a big blow out? She could have managed a personal and more intimate celebration with NZ$ 15,000.
I don’t blame her matron of honour for giving her no sympathy, or for her bridesmaids to give her the cold shoulder too. Her attitude is way out of order and I hope she enjoys her two months away on her own. Maybe she’ll get her head straight, but I seriously doubt if her friends or ex partner will be waiting for her.
And what about her son?

I’ve categorised this as fiction as I cannot believe someone could actually behave like this!

Note: we had a lovely wedding day in 1991, our seven guests being people who were important to us as we didn’t want or need the extravagance of a big affair. Including our four day honeymoon in Amsterdam, we got change out of five hundred pounds.
One of the best days of my life.

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28 Responses to Headline : Bride cancels her wedding after guests refuse to pay for it

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    That’s the way the world is now — people want everyone else to pay for whatever they want to do. People are crowd funding for vacations and home renovations and all kinds of stuff. I’ve been sent requests — which I completely ignore. I support good causes — real causes — but I’ll be damned if I ante up my hard-earned cash so somebody can take a holiday.

  2. colonialist says:

    After she had behaved like that the intended would have been stark raving crazy to have married her!

  3. My husband and I eloped. There were no expenses (except for the hotel room) and no wedding gifts. I loved avoiding all that chaos which surrounds big weddings. My oldest daughter wanted a “real” wedding, but it was very modest (outside, in a back yard, with a restaurant reception after) – and everyone loved that wedding! I have no sympathy for the young lady in the story. Such greed is outrageous. $1500 is a lot of money to the majority of us – it’s more than my mortgage and car payment combined. Her ex-fiancé should count his blessings that he found out about her before they actually tied the knot.

    • I agree with you about her fiance. Lucky escape I’d say.
      Our wedding was about us, not what it cost or the number of attendees. We certainly didn’t expect anyone to ‘chip in’ and our meal plus drinks were paid for before we left to catch the train. It was a great day, and an hysterical night, as our ‘bridal suite’ was the inside cabin of an overnight ferry with bunks! They must have heard our laughter in the engine room!

  4. Sadly the world is getting greedier. Used to be one registered at a few stores, and took what was offered (some UGLY pottery that way I must say)…but there’s an old joke goes along with this: A wealthy woman gave her nephew (and niece-in-law) the ugliest vase they’d ever seen. Later, laughing and holding their noses, they threw it in the trash, vowing to tell Auntie it’d been ‘lost’. Later that year, Auntie came to visit and inquired about the vase. Said she knew it wasn’t very pleasant looking, but she wanted to teach a bit of an object lesson, so she hid $1000 in it, just to see if they’d notice. Learn something about the real gift being the inside and not to judge on outward appearances. So who was the joke on in the end? Bwahah.

  5. joyroses13 says:

    I had read this before and totally agree with you! There really are no words, just when you think you heard it all!

  6. Michael says:

    I saw this story a few days ago too and like you I couldn’t believe it…..I know I’d be one NOT GOING….

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